Aspire K3 Starter Kit Product Review

This Provapor article is reviewing the function and abilities of the Aspire K3 starter kit. We will discuss all its features such as button location and operation, as well as specifications, performance, pros, and cons of the Aspire K3

Vape company Aspire has always brought some of the best vape devices into the vaping industry. For those who are new to the vaping industry, Aspire has a device that is great for you. It's called the "Aspire K3". A kit that comes with an incredible device to get you started immediately. Today we at ProVapor will help you understand all the functions and abilities of this device, as well as prepare you and give you better insight into the Aspire k3 starter kit.

Aspire k3 starter kit multiple colors

What Is The Aspire K3?

Like all other vape devices, the Aspire K3 is another one. Aspire created a quick starter kit MOD line, called the "Aspire K3". It is a kit that includes the MOD, or the battery, and an atomizer, along with spare parts and a charger! Not only is it a beautiful device, but it has a really well-made coil that provides great flavor and a decent smoke production as well. It is designed in a carbon fiber type of checkered pattern, as well as a well-powered battery for you to enjoy thoroughly. Overall, this product will definitely fulfill its promise. Learn how to take care of your coils and how long they are meant to last in our write up on coils.

How To Use The Aspire K3

The Aspire K3 is a brilliant yet simple MOD to use. To understand the device better, and operate it fully, here are the steps to do so.

  1. The Aspire k3 only requires you to press the button five times within two seconds. Press it five times and it's on.
  2. Once it is on, you will need to fill the atomizer with the e-juice of your choice.
  3. On top of the MOD is where the atomizer is located. Unscrew the base of the atomizer and tilt it upwards. If you don't know what an atomizer is, we recommend you visit our article on "What Is An Atomizer?".
  4. Once you do that, you will need to grab the liquid of your choice and administer the liquid into the space that is between the outer glass and the chimney itself. (Chimney is the metal in the middle of the atomizer)
  5. Then screw the base back onto the MOD and you're good to go.
  6. Then press and hold the button and inhale and the vapor will produce.
  7. In order to charge the device, there is a USB port located underneath the MOD. Find a computer or a wall plug that supports USB and you're good to go.

The Aspire k3 only comes with one button but the button lights up with orange and blue colors. They all mean something in this device. If this device has a short circuit it will flash blue and orange three times each and shut off automatically, as well as an overcharge flash. The device will seize charging once it hits max power as well. You, unfortunately, cannot change the battery, however, you can replace the bottom of your MOD in case of a failure.

Aspire K3 black color


The Aspire K3 has many incredible features that are built into this compact and easy to hold mod. Let’s dive into these specifications and see what makes this a truly unique device.

To begin with, this device has quite a unique design with a carbon fiber pattern. You’ll be able to choose between an all-black sleek look or a vibrant pink that’ll make you stand out for sure. The battery used for this device is 1200 mah. This mod features a 2ml tank. Now even though that may not be the biggest tank, since this is meant to be a compacted pen it’s more than perfect.

Now breaking down the tank reveals many other amazing design features. The Aspire K3 utilizes a 1.8-ohm coil which is designed to give maximum flavor. And with the starter kit, there is even an extra coil included. This mod also includes 4 airflow inlets that flow from the bottom to reduce heating up. One of the final features of the tank is the removable drip tip, which has become a common feature with many mods. However, this drip tip has been updated from the past and is now made of hard plastic material to prevent the burning of the lips. There is also a protective ring available to further this protective feature.

More Protective Features

Since we are on the topic of protective features the Aspire K3 has several innovative protective features. The first of which is a 15 second cut off if the mod is left on without usage. This comes in handy because we are all human and we all forget things time from time. It’s not uncommon for us to take a quick puff and put our device down without turning it off. Another incredible safety measure is the Short circuit protection which is indicated by the fore button flashing blue and orange.

If you’re using your device too much and it overheats then you’ll most likely see the overheat protection kick in, this is shown by the led light turning orange and blue for 3 seconds after the device has ceased all function. One of the last protective features this device has is the low voltage and the overcharge protection, if the battery gets too low the device will shut off and if its fully charge the charging will stop.


Although the specifications section highlights many positive features of the Aspire K3 there are still more great things about this device.

  • Compact and easy to store design
  • Simple to use
  • Solid vapor production
  • Great flavor
  • Easy to find a replacement tank
  • Carbon fiber design
  • Fire button changing color based on battery life
  • Plastic top cap to avoid burning lips
  • Can use with and without nicotine
  • Can use it with your favorite e-liquid/ejuice.


Not every device is absolutely perfect of course, even this incredible mod is perfect. Some of the downsides are as follows.

  • The charger port is on the bottom of the mod
  • Battery life won’t last all-day

Final Words

The Aspire K3 has proven itself to be one beautiful and powerful device that is readily available to you. A kit that comes with an atomizer, a charger cable, and a powerful, beautiful MOD, we rate this device a 7/10. In conclusion, Aspire K3 is a beautiful device that will definitely get the job done. We here at Provapor hope we informed you about the Aspire K3 Starter Kit.

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