4 Beginner Vape Mistakes that You Must Avoid

A comprehensive overview of beginner vape mistakes. After reading this post, you'll learn about common issues new vapers face and their consequences.

There are many common vaping mistakes that people tend to make. We will be covering some of the most common beginner vape mistakes that people make and just how you can be sure to avoid them.

Common Beginner Vape Mistakes

Whenever someone begins something new, they aren't expected to be experts at it, and this includes individuals who start vaping. The world of vaping is vast, and there are many different ways to vape for different needs. There are options for those that prefer heavier smoke vs. those that prefer a better flavor. There are also options for your casual vapers vs. individuals who choose to vape frequently throughout the day. Common vape mistakes fail to take these points into consideration before purchasing their first device. It is imperative to research the vaping device you'd like to maximize your vaping experience. For example, a person that is vaping for the first time for recreational use, and not to transition from cigarettes may not way a device that is meant for frequent users. Vaping devices for a transitioning user will most likely contain a higher nicotine output, but less flavor.

First time vaper showing how to to make beginner vape mistakes

Vaping Expenses

One of the common beginner vape mistakes is buying the most expensive and luxurious devices to start off vaping. Devices can range anywhere from, as low as $10 to several hundred dollars. It isn't essential to start with a device that has all the bells and whistles. In fact, for a new vapor, this could lead to confusion and possibly damaging the device if not used properly. For example, many high-end devices allow the user to control the temperature to increase flavor an/or smoke output. Temperature control is a wonderful aspect; however, if not used correctly, it could quickly burn out the coils. This can become costly if the coil needs constant replacement.

Another one of the beginner vape mistakes includes purchasing a device that's too cheap. Even if you're experimenting with vaping for the first time, you wouldn't want to go with a cheap low-quality device. A low-quality device might end up breaking or not deliver the optimal flavor of e-liquid. When selecting your first device, there is an excellent middle ground between the quality of the device and simplicity you should take into consideration.

Quality of Vaping

When choosing a product, most people take into consideration the quality and price of the items. This is the case when selecting anything from clothing to food. Many times people choose to go for the name brand items for stylistic purposes; however, that doesn't mean you're unable to get the same quality for an affordable price. This also goes for vaping. Sometimes it isn't necessary to go with more prominent name brands such as Smok or Juul. A brand that provides excellent quality at an affordable price is an Abay. Abay vape pens are very similar to Juul's. However, Abay can be purchased for a more affordable price. Another advantage of buying an Abay is that their pods hold 1.6 ml of e-liquid, whereas Juul holds 0.7 ml.

Poor Quality E-Liquids

Another one of the common beginner vape mistakes is choosing an e-liquid without conducting proper research beforehand. A company that makes e-liquids might take shortcuts or use cheaper and often unsafe chemicals in their product to increase its profit margin. Hazardous chemicals in an e-liquid can cause health issues such as wet lungs or an increased chance of certain cancers. To learn more about these risks, take a look at the article "What Are The Health Risks Of Vaping?". Other downsides to a low-quality e-liquid are the risks it poses to your device. Cheaper e-liquids might not properly burn and could damage the coils in your device. Some telltale signs that an e-liquid may not be a quality product is if the company fails to label the ingredients. So overall if an inferior e-liquid is selected, then it could just ruin your vaping experience.


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