Best eJuice for Clouds

An overall look at the best ejuice for clouds. By looking at some of the most popular brands and understanding what is responsible for cloud production this guide lets you pick exactly what you need. You will learn that Vegetable Glycerin is what produces massive clouds and any Max VG ejuice will produce large clouds. The device matters and your preference for taste matter.

For people who are looking to get the biggest clouds from your Vaping device, you have come to the right place. You simply need the best ejuice for clouds. Tricks are some of the coolest things to do while vaping. From breathing like a Dragon to making tornados having massive cloud production makes these tricks easier and more visually appealing. Of course, there are other reasons to vape such as flavor production and people who just vape for the experience but if you're in the market for cloud production this is the spot. You'll learn about what makes for the biggest clouds and how to know which e-liquid to buy.

What Makes the Biggest Clouds

So just how do you get these massive clouds. It all comes down to what the ejuice or e-liquid(depending on what you call it) is made out of. The best ejuice for clouds contain more Vegetable Glycerin than Propylene Glycol. VG is thicker and therefore provides for more cloud build-up. So when looking for the best ejuice for clouds look for massive VG ratios. Of course, there are some sites that call themselves the best ejuice sites. In reality, many ejuices can provide massive clouds if that is what you're looking for. The equation is simple. The liquid needs to be 80%-100% VG in order to get those massive clouds.

Now sites may claim to be the best ejuice site and perhaps they have that claim as far as flavor. But in reality, the flavor has nothing to do with cloud production. Below we have listed some of our favorite types of ejuices that will give you the massive clouds of smoke you're looking for.

Best eJuice for Clouds

There are a lot of people out there who claim to be the kings of cloud production. The reality is anyone can make an e-liquid with large clouds. So the best ejuice for clouds really boils down to how much flavor are you willing to give up and that's it. By not having purely VG you make the flavor way sweeter than it would otherwise be. Now, this may be perfect for dessert flavors or candy flavors but for someone who wishes to vape a mint or tobacco flavor that might not pan out so well. Regardless here are our best choices for cloud production.

Straw-Nana Smoothie by Vaporfi

Yes, Vaporfi is our rival but man do we have to tip our hats when it comes to this one. The flavor is amazing and the cloud production is on par with everyone else who uses Max VG. Of course anything with max VG will get you the clouds you want but the flavor is what sets this one apart. It is a mixture of Strawberry, Banana, and Marshmallow and they have blended them together perfectly.

Straw-nana smoothie vaporfi e-liquid on a white background, best ejuice for clouds

Gummy Glu by Lost Art Liquids

Man oh man this ejuice might just hold the spot for best ejuice for clouds. We here at ProVapor know quality when we see it and this is where billowing clouds meets exceptional flavor. It is really the flavor that sets all of these ejuices apart from the competition. The cloud production is easy the flavor is not always so easy to nail. It tastes like a delicious gummy worm. If you like candy-flavored ejuices this is the place for you.

lost art gummy, gummy glue on a white background

Custards Last Stand by Kind Juice

It wouldn't be right if we left any product by kind juice off this list. All of their products are 100% VG and we know what that means. They are known for their massive cloud production and amazing taste. Custards last stand is a very creamy tasting ejuice that emphasizes the butterscotch taste. All in all a great product to try.

custard laststand with caramel and custard on a white background

Cinnamon Roll by Mount Baker Vapor

Cinnamon Roll is exactly what it sounds like. Taste just like a cinnamon roll. The cinnamon in this ejuice really pops out and if you like a cinnamon flavor this is the juice for you. They have 50%VG/50%PG options but as we know the more VG the better the clouds. So be sure to pick the higher VG is cloud production is what you're looking for.

Cinnamon Roll by mount baker vapor on white background

Can I get 100% Vegetable Glycerin

As we have learned the answer is yes. You can get 100% VG but you will lose some flavor. When PG and VG fix the flavor production is just better. The sweetness balances out better and the flavor experience is better. Of course, if cloud production is your thing the 100% VG option is the way to go.

What devices will get you to the Max Cloud Production

Well, the general rule of thumb is the more customizable your mod is and the more wattage it has the better chance to have at making some massive clouds. The best ejuice for clouds pairs well when you are using a beast of a device. The SMOK Alien 220W Kit is exactly that. Get yours here today and pair it with an amazing e-liquid. SMOK is an amazing brand and has been pushing out fantastic products for years. This device is no different with a massive 220W capability, temperature control setting, and ways to power up the ohms. Of course, there are others but are they even worth mentioning when this is the cream of the crop.

Be sure to use the TFV8 Sub-coils if you want even more production, as these come with two coils that will up the power even more and create smoke screens. Just make sure you have the TFV8 Baby tank and the Big Baby Tank.

smok alien 220w starter kit with full array of colors on a white background

Last Words on Best Ejuice for Clouds

There is really no best ejuice site but there are companies that specialize in cloud production. Like-Kind Juice who only makes 100% VG options. While they may sacrifice a bit of flavor their cloud production is amazing. Any ejuice that contains 100% VG is sure to bring amazing cloud production. Once you have found the ejuice that is right for you it is all down to the device. We assure you that the SMOK Alien 220W Kit will not let you down. So there you have it, now you know the secret to massive clouds and a device that will bring them to you.


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