What is the Best Nic Salt Juice on the Market

Figuring out the best nice salt juices near you can be a daunting task. In this article we take a look at it from a consumer perspective and ask the question "what are the best nic salt juice near me"? This allows us to look at it from a different perspective and give you guys all the answers you need.

So What's all the Fuss About Nic Salts

For those not serious about vaping, I suggest turning back around and leaving where you came from. This article is only for those with a hundred percent dedication and drive to get the best hit with your vaping device. In this article we will be going over the best nicotine salt juices on the market and which Nic salt mods are worth trying out. While discussing these topics we will also be covering where you're able to purchase these insanely good Nic salts. And for those with the question what's the best nic salt juice near me we will have the perfect answer for you.

What are Nic Salts?

For those wanting a harder nicotine hit, you are gonna want to try Nic Salts. Nic salts is shorthand for Nicotine Salt, which in term it's the natural state for the nicotine found in tobacco leaves. In the bloodstream, Nic salts are shown to have a faster nicotine absorption than your normal e-liquids. But, unlike normal nicotine distilled e-liquids, using Nic salt juices will provide you with a better rush and throat hit.

nic salt juice near me

Best Nic Salt Mods

Now after getting this far in the article you are probably wondering which are the best Nic salt mods. Fortunately Versed Vaper has created a top ten list of mods you have to try with your Nic salts. So being placed in first place by Versed Vaper is none other than the reinvented Lost Vape Orion Plus. Similar to its successor except for now being able to choose between five different power levels and a new 2ml pod. Because of this the device has a longer lifetime than its previous model. Another cool feature the Orion brings is replaceable coils and a adjustable airflow ring. As for you vaping pros out there you know that means this device is highly customizable. Thus, perfect for those wanting to get creative while still getting the mean hit with you Nic Salt Mod.

nic salt juice near me

Why is this device Perfect for Nic Salt Juices? So this device comes out of the box with an extra .05ohm coil made specifically for nic salt juices. That together with its 22W output makes it the perfect low-powered device to use with Nic Salts. Apart from its superb performance, it's stainless steel body makes it durable and long-lasting.

Now let's take a look into how to find the best nic salt juice near me.

Best Nic Salt Juice Near Me

While now knowing the top ten Nic Salt Mods you are probably asking yourself, what are the best nic salt juice near me? Well, we at Pro Vapor have found another article like the one Versed Vapor released but about the best juices. Vaping Daily has a top ten list of the best Nic Salt e-juices currently in stores. In this list, you can find e-liquids like the popular Mr. Pod Menthol Blast and the NKD 100 American Patriot. While the Menthol Blast gives the user a relaxing icy chill the American Patriot comes with the strong taste of tobacco.


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