The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vaping Kits

The Ultimte Guide to the Best Vaping Kits is a comprehensive look at everything vaping. We look at the best kits for different pric ranges and their specifications. Expect popular brands such as Kangertech and SMOK to be talked about as well as less popular brands such as ABAY.
The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vaping Kits

In this all-inclusive article, we take a deep look at the Best Vaping starter Kits. This post will bring to you, the reader, a definitive guide to the best vaping kits on the market. Looking at the expert analysis, as well as through secondary research this post will give you the most up to date analysis on vaping kits. This article will be updated yearly. So stay tuned for the most comprehensive article on the best vaping kits written. Here is a quick video that shows you a few tips on vaping. Check out some of the best RBAs here.

What are Vape Kits

When you take at the best vaping starter kits you will notice a few things. First, you will notice the device itself or the body which is where the battery is generally housed. Second, you will notice the tank which is usually clear. As well as an atomizer and the coil. This is where you will also find the cotton wick which is used to absorb the liquid itself. Lastly, you have a mouthpiece which as the name suggest is where you put your mouth to receive the vapor.

Now that you know about the contents in a general vaping kit lets look at the types of kits. You have starter kits that are composed of pens or mods. Pens are typically smaller and allow for easier carry and then you have mods which are bigger and generally offer a higher quality vaping experience. Regardless of your choice both of these kits generally come with the same equipment. Be sure to know which type of kit you want to purchase because there are some amazing pens as well as amazing mods. To help you make that choice lets look at some of the best vaping pens as well as mods. The Ultimate Guide to the Best Vaping Starter Kits will be your go-to source for all things kit related. If you’re more interested in some amazing ejuices/e-liquids click here and you’ll be directed to an article on which juices make the biggest clouds.

Low-cost Vaping Kits

Let us take a look at some of the best vaping kits for people on a budget (less than $50). Now to be clear these are some really amazing kits and are right there with the best vaping kits on the market. But after much discussion, it has been decided that these are just slightly below the ones mentioned below. The factors that were taken into account were performance and cost when this list was compiled.

Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop is a new high-quality vape kit that has recently taken the market by storm. Who knows in a year or two (or even less) this brand may take over the vaping industry or at least cement themselves with some high-quality low-cost vaping starter kits. The Suorin Drop is a very small compact vaping device. On the first inspection, the device itself may look flimsy but upon further inspection, you see just how sturdy this product is. It is extremely well made and a pleasure to vape with.

Its sleek design makes it one of the best looking vaping products on the market today, and the fact that it comes in so many unique colors makes it that much better. It has an open pod design meaning that you can refill your device numerous times before you have to replace the pod.

As for the specifications on the Suorin drop they are equally impressive. It offers a massive 2ml juice capacity. The Suorin Drop is also a very versatile device, meaning that you can insert many different types of liquids into it and it will work great. It can use Nic-salt e-liquids, freebase e-liquids and more. The Sourin Drop also has the capability to deal with different VG/PG ratios. A 310mah rechargeable battery which offers consistent hits no matter how many times you use it. This 310mah battery is higher than the 200mah Juul and the 190mah Abay. It has a charging port that is easy to use and comes with a charging cable. Overall this is an extremely impressive vaping starter kit.

Finally, when talking about the price you will find the Suorin Drop listed for 29.99 at

iStick Pico 75W TC Starter Kit

When talking about the best vaping starter kits it would be a shame to leave out the Istick Pico 75W TC starter kit. It is a remarkable device that offers an amazing punch for its small size. Now since this is not a pen and rather a whole mod it isn’t fair to compare battery power directly with these other kits. However, with that being said it offers a 3000mah battery power with up to 75W of power. This device will give you an amazing experience for a relatively low cost. The device comes with Kanthal coils like the Abay and has its own charging cable. However, unlike the devices mentioned above, this device does not come with its own battery.

Another plus to the iStick Pico is the fact that it is upgradable, meaning that its firmware can be upgraded to make sure you are getting the best quality/experience from your device. The iStick Pico sports a 2ml tank that will keep you vaping all day. It doesn’t come with any prefilled liquids so be sure to pick some up when you get your vaping device.

As far as price is concerned this device can be found at for $45.99. You will also get free shipping with this purchase so be sure to take advantage of that and add e-liquids to your purchase to make it complete.

Suorin Air

Lastly, before we get into our top picks we will go back to the up and coming Suorin devices. This time with an analysis of the Suorin Air. This is Suorin’s most popular item and arguably one of the best vaping starter kits on the market. This device is a pod-based device that is small and easy to use. Unlike the iStick Pico mentioned above this is a smaller device so it can be more easily compared to the Juul, Abay, ZBGO, SMOK Pen 22 and Suorin Drop.

Like the Suorin Drop, the Suorin Air is very versatile.

Best Vaping Starter Kits

In the coming section, you will see what we have rated as some of the best vaping starter kits on the market. These kits give you the most bang for your buck.

ZBGO Starter Kit

Taking a look at some of the new up and coming starter kits we come across the ZBGO. This product from Zamplebox sold at is quite an amazing product. Ever since Juul came out companies have been trying to match the experience given by the ultra-small vape pen. ZBGO has managed to do so, creating one of the best vaping starter kits. Before we take a look at the product specifications lets examine what comes in the box. Don’t hesitate to take a look at our full review of the ZBGO.

ZBGO, Best vaping starter kits

Inside every ZBGO starter kit box, you will get the ZBGO device itself, ZBGO Charger, and the ZBGO refillable Pod (2ml). These pods, unlike the Juul, are refillable meaning that you can put whatever e-liquid you want in the device. The box itself does not come with e-liquid so be sure to pick some of your favorites up when you use this device.


One of the best features of the ZBGO is it’s easy to use charging port. Plug it into any USB port and connect your ZBGO and there you have it. Your ZBGO will be charged in minutes, 11 to be exact on a 5v 2A charging port. On a full charge, your ZBGO will offer around 340 puffs before it needs to be charged back up. Another amazing feature of the ZBGO is its outstanding pod life. Meaning that one pod will give you around 550 puffs. A Juul will only get you around 200 puffs for the same price. Besides the components, you will receive a set of instructions on how to use the item.

Further down you’ll come across another up and coming product from zamplebox, the Abay. The Abay offers many similar features that the ZBGO has like fast charging time, higher liquid capacity, and a well-built design. The main difference between ZBGO and Abay is that Abay has pre-flavored pods that are used, while ZBGO has refillable cartridges. It Just depends on what you as a vaper are looking for in your device.

Price Comparison

Lastly, we come across the price of this amazing kit. In fact one of the best vaping starter kits. At ProVapor it sells for $29.99 and comes with everything listed above. Remember while you’re there to pick up some of your favorite e-liquid to use in the ZBGO.

SMOKTECH Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit

Now the Smoktech Vape Pen 22 may not come up often in the best vaping starter kits, especially with the SMOK V9 set to make its debut in the coming months. Nevertheless, this pen is quite amazing. It packs a 1650mah internal battery and its one button design makes it beyond easy to use. Before we head into the features anymore let’s take a look at what the box itself contains.

When you first open the Smok Vape Pen 22 starter kit you’ll notice the body itself or the mod which is where the battery is carried. Besides, that will be the mouthpiece, a clear tank, the atomizer, and two replacement coils. Those are the main components in the box. You will also find some bands which can be used as bumpers that can protect it from damage just in case you drop your pen.

As for the price of the Smok Vape Pen 22 you can find it on for $21.99 which for the quality is practically a steal.

Once the Smok V9 comes out and we have more information on it this article will be updated.

ABAY Starter Kit

The ABAY starter kit is another kit that is emerging as one of the best Vaping starter kits in the near future. Next, to their competitor, Juul, they look like the star. It is staggering how much power this little pod-based vaping device has. Check out this article solely on the ABAY and its capabilities.


When you take a look in the box you will find a few different things. First and most noticeably will be the body itself. The body holds all the power. You will then notice a charger cable which conveniently plugs into any USB port. Aside that will be the pod itself which is placed in the body after you take it out of the wrapping. There you have it all you’ll need to start vaping one of the best kits on the market to date.


Now looking at the specification this is where the Abay really demolishes its competition. Let’s look at how many puffs you’ll be able to get from an Abay as compared to the Juul. An Abay on a typical charge will give you around 400 puffs when compared to a Juul which offers around 200 puffs you see the clear-cut winner. You get more bang for your buck when you chose Abay over the competition. But don’t forget about the ZBGO mentioned above. The Abay is smaller but the ZBGO offers a bit longer pod and battery life. Both the Abay and ZBGO offer amazing charging times so you won’t be without your device for long.

Now you might ask how the Abay offers double the number of puffs per pod. The answer is quite simple, the pod contains 1.6ml of juice while the Juul only gives you .7ml. This added liquid, as well as the amazing efficiency of the Abay, propels it ahead of the Juul in many respects. The Abay offers 190mah which you may remember is lower than the 200mah the Juul offers and significantly lower than the 310mah the Suorin Drop offers. Nevertheless, we still place Abay above these two because of the material that the Abay is made from. The Abay sports a titanium Kanthal Wire which offers the best energy transfer and makes the Abay much more efficient. Efficiency is key in vaping and the Abay delivers.

Price Comparison

When it comes to price the Abay cannot be beaten for its affordability and ease of use. At the Abay sells for $29.99 and comes with everything mentioned above. Be sure you to pick up some more refill packs which contain 4 pods for $15.99. All in all its an amazing deal for one of the best up and coming brands on the market today.

Kangertech Subox Mini-C Vape Starter Kit

The Kangertech Subox Mini-C is one of the best kits out there on the market. The Kangertech Subox Mini is also an amazing product. Small differences in the shape of the body, the material it is built with and how you install some of the pieces. Both of them are amazing products but the Mini-C is the newer of the two so we will give that one the nod on best vaping kits. The Kangertech Mini-C is truly a beautiful vaping kit. It has a new metallic coating that is less susceptible to scratching or chipping. There is also a deep curve in the side of the mod which makes it easy to hold and use. Another amazing article that provides some insight into the differences between the two can be found here and it’s by vaporhq.


There are a thousand amazing features that the Kangertech Subox Mini-C has to offer but here we will list what we feel puts it ahead of the competition. Let’s start with the battery, it is extremely powerful and consistent. It is a 18650 battery and you only need one to power this device. The resistance range is .3ohm to 1.6ohm which allows for variability in which coil you use. The easy to use interface makes this option perfect for beginners. There are easy to use buttons as well as a clear display screen that lets you find that optimum vaping experience. It has a 3ml fill tank which will allow you to keep vaping throughout the day. And arguably one of the best features is its ability to protect itself from short-circuiting. All this and more comes with the Kangertech Subox Mini-C.


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