CBD Gummies: Review & Effects

Health benefits of CBD gummies and how it can be used to treat anxiety, depression, and PTSD. As well as proper dosage to body weight ratio.
CBD Gummies: Review & Effects

CBD Gummies are all the craze now. What exactly are they and do they really even do anything? Of course, people have been vaping CBD for years but now we have this fun new way of using CBD to our benefit. What are the effects of CBD and how do I know the proper dose. We will be covering all of this and more in this article of CBD Gummies and its effects.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD has been on the rising very quickly in today’s market. Many people might be asking themselves what exactly is CBD? CBD also know as cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers or hemp buds of cannabis (marijuana). CBD Can then be made into an oil and use in products such as gummies. Gummies are the product of the infusion of CBD oil into brightly colored candies that taste much better than CBD on its own. They allow the full benefits of cannabidiol in a way that’s easy to swallow. Due to the fact that the extract is from hemp and not marijuana, it is legal nationwide. Also, it is relatively easy to find online. Because of this process, it doesn’t contain THC, so, you wouldn’t receive the high sensation. Even though it doesn’t give you a high sensation there are still many benefits. Such as treating insomnia, childhood epilepsy, and chronic pains.

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Effects Of CBD Gummies

When it comes to CBD gummies a major effect is that it will help relax an individual. Because of its relaxing agents gummies are excellent for treating mood disorders such as; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety. The use of the gummies has shown the ability to help patients suffering from PTSD learn to cope with or even forget about traumatic memories.

CBD gummies may also help treat Insomnia, which approximately 10% of people in the U.S. suffer from. You or possibly a loved one you know is going through the struggle to get a good night’s rest. CBD helps get a more restful sleep without the feeling of being groggy the following day. The way gummies help treat insomnia is by minimizing individuals levels of stress and anxiety, which are two leading factors to insomnia.

What Is My Dosage of CBD Gummies?

Disclaimer: FDA requirements states that hemp CBD products are categorized under a food type product and not a treatment or cure for any health condition. Furthermore, the FDA does not allow a recommended dose of CBD for a particular condition because that would be implying that CBD guarantees treatment for that condition.

When it comes to the proper dosage on the amount of CBD gummies you should be taking it all is dependent upon the amount of CBD oil infused in the gummies. Couple this with the size of the individual (weight). The average American male has a weighs approximately 195 pounds (88.45 kg). So the recommended dosage would be 22.5 mg of CBD. The average American Woman weighs approximately 166 pounds (75.3 kg). So, their recommended dosage would also fall under around 22.5 mg. The average amount of CBD used in gummies would be around 10 mg each. CBD is safe in the use of children as well, since their weight is significantly less their dosage may span from anywhere between 4.5 mg to 15 mg.

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Due to the fact that dosage is less than what is mostly available from a single gummy, we recommend that you cut gummies to match the suggestive dosage. Although going above the dosage isn’t commonly suggested CBD is non-toxic with no documented cases of fatal overdose levels. One scientific study showed that high doses up to 1,500 mg/day were at a very tolerable level in humans. The Department of Health and Human Services states that no signs of toxicity or serious side effects in chronic users being administered up to 700 mg/day. Minor side effects include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Sleeping problems
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort

Note: Start low and work yourself up.

Are The Gummies You’re Buying High Quality?

Not everyone has a CBD testing kit on hand whenever they’re purchasing a new product. However, there are a few tips and tricks to get to know if your CBD products are of high quality. The quality of CBD gummies is all dependent upon the extraction process of the CBD oil from the hemp plant. When you’ve received your CBD product you’ll want to check the label for indications that say “Whole-Plant” or “Full Spectrum”. This means that the extraction was from the whole plant. CBD isolate is becoming more popular since it is cheaper than using the full plant. By doing this however you’ll lose out on primary and secondary components. This includes terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids that enhance the benefits of CBD.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is third-party lab results. A high-quality brand of CBD will always provide third-party lab results. These labs strive to ensure the consumer that their products have high levels of CBD, low THC, and lacking impurities that may be harmful. This is extremely important. ProVapor only uses the highest-quality CBD products.

Final Words

CBD gummies are a great way to help calm nerves easing anxiety depression and even PTSD. This is not only great when it comes to taste but it is also a safe product to use for essentially all ages. With this guide to proper dosage as well as little tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for there’s no reason as to why you shouldn’t jump at the chance to get your own CBD gummies.


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