Do e-cigs Set Off Fire Alarms? Be Aware

Learn everything you need to know about fire alarms and if they're triggered due to e-cigs. We cover the diffrent types of smoke detectors and and which ones you should keep an eye out for.
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Do e-cigs set off fire alarms? It's not an easy question to answer. But to some, this question might seem redundant; however, to those new to vaping, this is a common question. As you are aware, e-cigs produce vapor not smoke, so in theory, vaping shouldn't set off a smoke detector because there is no smoke to detect. In this article, we go over the different types of fire alarms and the dangers vaping posed to each one.

e-cigs set off fire alarms

Heat Alarms

The least used and least dangerous to vapors is the heat alarms. Heat alarms work by sensing the increase of heat in the room. The alarm is activated when the temperature surpasses a predetermined threshold. And since vaping devices don't produce any heat, there is little to no chance to trigger it. This type of alarm tends to be used in kitchens where smoke is usually present.

Ionization-based Detectors

These types of alarms are a bit more complicated. According to Blu, they work by using a small radioactive material sit between two electrically-charged plates. This ionizes the air inside of the device, generating a current that, when disrupted, triggers the alarm. Cause this alarm works at a particle level is very sensitive to any changes in the environment. Though smoke particles are very different than what's released from your device. Ionization-based smoke detectors are known to sometimes go off when introduced to e-cigs.

Photoelectric based detectors

The last type of smoke detector is generally the most common one. Vapors tend to have the hardest time with these due to their tendency to go off cause of vapor. These detectors use light beams to scan the room for smoke. When enough smoke or vapor surrounds the device, it will break the beams and go off. This detector usually won't trigger due to vapor, but if enough is present, it will.

Should I use my e-cig near smoke detectors?

Do e-cigs set off fire alarms? There is nothing set in stone dictating the use of vaping devices near smoke detectors, but one should always be careful. Some devices may get triggered, and some won't. Unless you bought the device or can get close enough to find out what type of alarm it is. It would be best if you avoided the general area due to the possibility of setting it off. But if you are in your own home, we suggest vaping in moderation, by not producing large clouds ad not blowing the smoke directly towards the smoke detector. Doing this should reduce the chances of it going off.

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