Eleaf Ikonn 220W Starter Kit Product Review

A comprehensive guide to the Eleaf IKonn 220W Starter Kit. By taking a look at the product specifications, how to use the device, pros, and cons, and more we are better able to understand who this device is perfect for. After Reading this you'll be an expert on the Eleaf IKonn.
Eleaf Ikonn 220W Starter Kit Product Review

Eleaf is a well known, well-received company in the vaping industry. Established in 2011, Eleaf has proved to be one of the fastest-growing companies, providing customers with multiple options and experiences. Today, we at ProVapor will review and describe Eleaf's MOD called the "Eleaf Ikonn" or specifically the "Eleaf Ikonn Starter Kit". In essence, this is an Eleaf Ikonn 220 review.

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What is the Eleaf Ikonn?

The Eleaf Ikonn is a MOD created by Eleaf. This product has a durable build, along with a compact body. A well-powered, well balanced, informative device, the Ikonn has a built-in OLED screen that is safely shaped into a leaf while being discreet as well as allowing the user to manage and check all vaping data that it gathers. A great product that has enough wattage to manipulate, all the way up to 220 watts the be specific, this product will make a great on the go device. The Eleaf Ikonn Starter Kit, however, comes with an atomizer. The atomizer comes with completes the package and provides the buyer with the full experience and the best bang for the buck.

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How To Use The Eleaf Ikonn

The Eleaf Ikonn is like any other MOD in the industry. The Kit does not come with batteries, so of course, install batteries into the device and turn it on. We recommend the Littokala 18650 batteries. They have a great battery life and great power distribution.

  1. All it takes is five clicks to turn the device on. Make sure there are batteries in the device. The device has a nice hidden firing button located on the side.
  2. Once the device is on you can then screw on the atomizer, which is the piece of the kit that holds the e-juice of your choice.
  3. In order to open the atomizer, the word "open" is located at the top. All you need to do is slide the top of the atomizer, and turn it in order to open it.
  4. Then you take the tip of your e-juice bottle and place it into the curve-shaped opening and you're good to go.
  5. Located right below the OLED screen is another button that adjusts the wattage of the device. Push up and down and there you go.
  6. In order to charge this device, there is a USB port that you can find below the buttons that adjust the MOD. All you need to do is plug in the cord, and plug the other end into an outlet or computer and there you have it.

Product Specifications

As we have seen the product is pretty easy to use and is one of the most advanced vaping devices on the market today. Now let's take a look into some of the more technical aspects of this product so we can have an even better understanding of it.

One of the best features is its .91 inch screen. It makes everything easy to read and it makes the vaping experience extremely enjoyable. The Eleaf iKonn ensures that you always know exactly at what wattage you are vaping and where you stand on battery life. This makes it perfect for people just getting into vaping.

Another amazing feature we will be getting into in this Eleaf Ikonn 220 review is its ability to use many types of coils. From HW1 coils to HW4 coils you have the ability to interchange a vast array of coils. Each offering a slightly different vaping experience. Take a look at Eleafs official site for more info on these coils. Learn how to take care of your coils in this quick and easy to read write up.

The Eleaf Ikonn also has some amazing protection features to ensure that your device stays running at its peak. With reverse polarity protection, you'll ensure the circuit board stays in tack. And dual-circuit protection protects you from overcharging and accidental discharges.

The last specification we will touch upon is the fact that the device can serve as a power bank. This means you can charge your phone and other devices on the go. This is extremely convenient and a feature that pushes the Eleaf Ikonn ahead of its class.


  • There are several amazing reasons as to why you should purchase the Eleaf iKonn.
  • Simple to use
  • Crisp and Vibrant OLED Screen
  • High Smoke Output
  • Rotating screen/Stealth Mode
  • A choice in either 4 ml or 2 ml tanks
  • A choice between Tapered and Wider Bore Drip Tips (more airflow and flavorful taste)
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Iconic and Fashionable Design
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Adjustable Wattage, Resistance Level and ramp uptime
  • Various protective measure to expand the life of your device
  • Power Bank
  • Can use with or without nicotine

Now you might be thinking with all these amazing benefits you get from this one of a kind mod, how can there be any downsides? Well, there aren't many but there are unfortunately some.


  • When taking multiple hits in a short period of time the drip tip can get hot
  • No drip tip adapter so the options are limited
  • Due to the high wattage output, the flavor may become muted

Final Words

As we have seen the Eleaf Ikonn is one of the most impressive vaping devices on the market. For that very reason, we will be awarding this device with an 8.7/10 review. It does fall short in a few key aspects such as an overheating tip and limited drip tip features. But it more than makes up for it in performance and power. With amazing cloud production and beautiful design, this is one of the best products on the market. As always thanks for reading and happy vaping. Take a look at some more amazing vaping kits in the "Ultimate Guide To The Best Vaping Kits".


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