Facts about Vaping

Facts about vaping will cover some of the basic facts that everyone should know about vaping. They are compared to cigarettes in many cases and gives you a good idea of just how the two compare.
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Facts About Vaping: You Can Not Get Burned

The first and maybe most obvious fact is that you cannot get burned by vaping. Vaping does not release ash; therefore, you do not need to worry about burning yourself or others. Smoking, on the other hand, drops ash nearly all the time. This can fall on clothes, skin, and other people making it an uncomfortable situation. This is also beneficial when we look at it from a fire hazard standpoint. With no ashes falling it is literally impossible for a fire to start. Now, this is not to say that a vaping device cannot catch fire. A significant overuse of a damaged coil can result in a burning taste in the flavor. This is typically a tell-tale sign for a new coil. Use your device responsibly and follow all instructions.

Additionally, vaping heats up a liquid that cannot spill out and burn you. Vape devices use batteries that do not burn you, as opposed to traditional cigarettes which leave ash everywhere.

Facts About Vaping: You Can Use Vape Devices With or Without Nicotine

Nicotine is one of the world's most highly addictive substances. Tobacco companies know this and use it to their advantage to keep you "hooked". Of course, there are many people who love the sensation that comes with nicotine and for them, the benefits outweigh the risks. Regardless, vaping offers a choice, unlike traditional cigarettes. One of the best facts about vaping is that you have the power to chose. You can choose a product that has a lot of nicotine, a small amount of nicotine, or none at all. Not having nicotine effects the flavor of the liquid in no way.

This very fact coupled with the fact that you can choose the dosage of nicotine os why so many people use vaping to help them quit smoking. A heavy smoker may not be able to completely stop smoking because of massive nicotine withdrawals. Instead, they have the power to use any e-liquid with less and less percentage of nicotine. This can help them wean themselves off nicotine and smoking in general if that is what they desire. Vaping gives you that choice, that power. A power you don't have with traditional cigarettes.

Vaping is Less Harmful than Traditional Smoking

Vaping is by far safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. Now that is not to say that it is entirely safe from all harm. Vaping still does contain some toxins and heavy metals that when taken in massive amounts can be detrimental to a person's health. But this is in no way comparable to the ill effects of smoking. Besides the harmful nicotine that smoking carries there are a plethora of other chemicals. According to cancer.org, cigarettes contain hydrogen cyanide, lead, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, arsenic, and many more.

Your standard e-liquid is made up of two chemicals. Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, both of which are deemed food-safe by the FDA. For this very reason, vaping is much safer than traditional cigarettes. Fewer chemicals and safer chemicals in vaping products as opposed to chemicals used in frog preservation (formaldehyde) and rat poison (arsenic).

Vaping Devices are Reusable

One of the best facts about vaping is that the device itself is reusable. Unlike traditional cigarettes which you must throw away and replace after every use many vaping devices are refillable/reusable. Meaning that vaping is also a cheaper alternative to conventional smoking. Many devices contain a "tank" that can be refilled with e-liquids that can be used many times before parts must be replaced. Even with pod-based devices such as the ABAY, the device itself remains intact. The only thing that must be inserted is a new pod once your old one runs out of the liquid. This, in turn, makes vaping easier to use, and cheaper to use in the long run.

Even if a part goes bad such as a burnt coil, it can be replaced. There is no need to go out and buy a whole new device for a simple fix. Coils last a few weeks and are generally sold in large packs making it a very affordable and easy fix.

Vaping Cannabis/Hemp

Another surprising fact about vaping is that you can vape cannabis. It is one of those facts about vaping that is many times overlooked due to cannabis being illegal in many states. For states that it is legal in vaping cannabis offers terrific "highs" and even gives off a lighter smell than when smoking it traditionally. Since Cannabis is still illegal in many states, we will focus on Hemp (CBD oil derivative of Hemp) since its CBD oil is legal in every state. We have a whole article on vaping CBD and its benefits if you wish to check that out.

Another way that is becoming more popular to vape cannabis is a desktop vaporizer. Products like the volcano are emerging on the market and are beginning to play a significant role in the Cannabis industry.

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Many Different e-Liquid Flavors

Perhaps the best fact about vaping is the variety of flavors that it offers. There are literally unlimited flavor combinations to choose from. From strawberry to tobacco, to dessert flavors the possibilities are endless. Smoking generally provides just a few types of cigarettes. Vaping opens up your whole world and allows you to experience flavors you would never have imagined could be vaped. As mentioned before these varieties can come with or without nicotine. Be sure to check out all the flavors we have on our site.

Facts about vaping will be updated regularly so be sure to check back and stay up to date on relevant topics in the vaping industry.

Facts about Vaping Q&A

Q: Can you reuse an E-cigarette?

A: Yes, they are not a one-time use item

Q: Is it legal to vape weed?

A: Yes/No, this depends on the laws of your state.


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