How Long do Coils Last and How to Make them Last Longer

An in depth view on just how long coils last and what we can do to make them last longer. From properly priming your coils to when you should replace them. This article will give you everything you need to know about basic coil care to keep your coils working for as long as possible. How Long do coils last will also focus on what not to do so you can avoid common mistakes when it comes to coil care.

Just how long do coils last? Does brand matter, usage matter, power matter, or do none of these things matter and no matter what you do your coil will eventually die? The answer is yes and yes. All of those things do matter but no matter how hard you try, eventually your coil will burn out. So how long do coils last? A brand new coil will generally last one to two weeks, but its life can be extended if you take care of it. Think of it as the engine in a car. It can last you over 100,000 miles if you take care of it or a measly 20,000 if you forget to change the oil and don't, have tune-ups now and then.

How Long do Coils Last

Mega-popular brands like SMOK, Kangertech, and Wismec give their coils that 1-2 week lifespan. Like mentioned before this can be extended through proper care. Most vapers know the two things we have to keep buying are e-liquids and coils. Over the course of years these costs can get high so why not take the time to learn how to properly care for your equipment to make it last longer. Not only will you be more satisfied with your vaping experience, but your wallet will also thank you.

how long do coils last, Eleaf HW series coil
Eleaf HW Series Coil

Knowing When to Replace your Coil

Knowing When to Replace your Coil

Now that we know approximately how long coils last, when do we know its the right time to swap them out. When vaping you know the flavor your device should be giving you. When that flavor starts changing into a bit of a burnt flavor you know it's time to change the coil. Now, this is when most of us would normally just toss out the old coil, fill up your tank and get to vaping again. While that's technically all that is needed, there are a few keys steps before this that will increase your coils life. How long do coils last will depend on your use and care for your coils.

How to Extend your Coils Life

Coil life can be extended using a few very simple and easy to do steps. Priming them is the number one thing to do in order to extend your coil's life.

  1. Toss out that old coil by unscrewing it and replace it with the new one. Once you have done that it's time to move onto step two.
  2. Prime your coil. This is done by taking droplets of your e-liquid and inserting them into the holes on the side of the coil. Make sure to directly insert the liquid into these holes. This allows for the wick to become saturated, don't forget to add some to the very top (head) to saturate the center.
  3. Once this is done we here at ProVapor suggest letting the coil sit for approximately ten minutes so that the liquid has plenty of time to saturate the wick.
  4. Now in order to make sure your wick has been fully primed, first reattach your whole device. Meaning connect everything back together as if you were going to use it. Then take a couple of dry hits. By dry hits we mean take a hit without activating your devices' fire button. This will allow the liquid to be fully pulled through the wick.
  5. As for the last step, this depends on which coils you are using. Some coils have higher recommended wattages than others. Regardless we suggest starting low and going high. Coils expand when you heat them and contract when they are not in use. Because of this, we want a slow graduation into the expansion stage. Don't start off at a massive 100W when you can slowly increase from 20W to extend your coil life. Take it slow until you gradually make it back to your sweet spot.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Besides priming your coil how else can you make your coil last longer?

Avoid the dry hits (different from mentioned above). Don't let your device run out of e-liquids or even go under a quarter tank. This will ensure that the wick is always saturated and you will avoid these dry hits. Dry hits damage the coil and can lead to immediate failure. Notice the definition of dry hits is different from the method mentioned above.

Don't overuse the coil. Give the coil at least a five-second break before immediately going back to fire it. Not allowing the coil to properly/fully cool down can increase the likelihood that it burns out faster.

The lower the wattage the better. Of course, many of us want to perform amazing tricks and show off the power of our devices. That is ok but expect your coils to burn out faster if this is the route you take. In order to increase coil life, vape at the lowest wattage possible for a great vaping experience.

Clean your vaping device. Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol are not the most fluid liquids. They are both thicker than water and can get caught up in your coil. If you don't regularly clean out your coil, expect it to burn out faster. Wash away the built-up gunk under hot water and allow it to air dry overnight. For more experienced vapers once you have allowed your coil to dry attach it and make sure it heats up evenly. Pressing the fire button will ensure the coil has heated up. We do not suggest using this step unless you are an experienced vaper.

Last Words on Coils

So that's about it on how long do coils last. As we can see the answer is a couple of weeks but with careful use, life can be extended and save you some money. It is also fun to take apart your device so you can learn more about it. Keep in mind that even with all these things taken into account eventually your coil will burn out and you will need a new one.


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