Is Vaping Dangerous for Pets? What are the Effects

Vaping is fairly new and a lot of questions are being asked pertaining to th dangers of vaping. Although there are very limited studies found on the effects of vaping, we will explore the dangers of vaping around your pets.

Vaping has been the topic of discussion lately, and many questions have been asked about the dangers of vaping. Is Vaping Dangerous for Pets? Some people even want to know if vaping is dangerous for pets and what are the effects. In this article, we will explore the impact vaping has on your pet.

Second-Hand Smoking Effect on Pets

As far as scientific studies show, there are no known dangers to your pets surrounding vaping. Although vaping is smoke, so it is always best to vape in ventilated areas. When it pertains to smoking tobacco, research shows that exposing pets to second-hand tobacco smoke can up the chances of your pet developing respiratory diseases. The International Journal of Hygiene and Environmental Health had found that vaping can worsen the indoor air quality of a home. This begins to increase the concentration of hydrocarbons, aluminum, and nicotine. These are vital compounds that are known to cause heart disorders and lung diseases. So increasing the frequency of these elements can affect you and your pets.

E-cigarettes usually contain liquid nicotine, which is known to be poisonous to pets. There has been a decline in the number of reports of pets becoming sick. Due to the new use of e-cigarettes and the less use of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some vaping products can exclude nicotine and other considerably harmful chemicals which would leave the e-liquid with PG/VG. Some dog foods contain PG in them so it would be safe to vape around dogs.

Is Vaping Dangerous for pets
Is Vaping Dangerous for Pets?

Is Vaping Dangerous for Pets

Some symptoms show when an animal has ingested large quantities of nicotine. When an animal has ingested nicotine, it will most likely vomit, appear agitated and may even drool and have some form of diarrhea. Liquid nicotine in an animal’s system can spike its heart rate. Nicotine consumed at a large quantity can lead your pet to look depressed and can lower its heart rate to the point that can precede death. This varies due to the size of the pet. If the pet is small, then small traces of nicotine can affect it, but if the pet is big in size, then it may not be in danger to poisoning.

If you have noticed these symptoms in your pet and realized that it has gotten into your nicotine, the best thing to do is take your pet to the Veterinarian as soon as possible. Animals that are vomiting can be given anti-nausea medication from the doctor to reduce the vomiting. Some pets can also receive treatment that will induce vomiting if the dogs haven’t reached that level of sickness. If your pet begins to experience problems with its heart rate or blood pressure, the doctor may prescribe heart medication. So many treatments can be given to save the life of your pet.

Vaping has made it much safer to smoke, but it should always be done outside and away from your loved ones and pets, to be on the safe side. Different pets have different reactions when it comes to vaping so be aware of that. For instance, Birds has sensitive respiratory tracts and are more likely to absorb chemicals through them. So this makes it very dangerous to smoke around them because there is a higher chance of giving them respiratory problems.

Final Word

Vaping nicotine around your pet is the known hazard, but even when you aren’t vaping try to keep your items out of their reach. Pets are known to explore everywhere and be in places they aren’t supposed to be, so it is always best to be cautious in order to prevent your pets from chewing on your vape devices and e-liquid bottles. Try to place your items in areas your pets can not reach them; this will eliminate all possibilities of your pet coming across them. So the next time the question, "Is Vaping Dangerous for Pets?" is asked, the answer is no . But always be careful with second hand smoking and leaving you e-liquids in sight of your pet.


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