Juul Vape Review: A Review of the Most Controversial Vaping Device

In this article, Provapor will provide readers with information about the huge sensation: Juul. Provapor will specifically provide you with an in depth Juul vape review and Juul vape starter kit review on the product, providing information such as: Pricing, performance, and overall quality.
Juul Vape Review: A Review of the Most Controversial Vaping Device

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A Juul is one of the most popular e-cigs to hit the market. In just about two years it has already surpassed half of the market! The Juul has proven to be one of the most simple, sleek, and effective devices to ever hit the vaping industry. In this article, ProVapor will provide readers with an in-depth Juul vape review.

What is the Juul Starter Kit? Juul vape review:

What is Juul? A new, yet popular question that everyone is asking. In this Juul e-cig review, we will be answering this question. A Juul is a compact, simple, smart device that administers a vapor into the user’s lungs to deliver nicotine. Essentially, it is a vaping device. The purpose of this device is to help individuals switch from cigarettes to a better, safer alternative for smoking. Performance wise this device is great. It’s cheap, really easy to use, definitely user-friendly, and performs great. In the Juul starter kit, it comes with the Juul device, different flavored juices (which are contained in little PODS) and a charger.

                           Black color Juul E-Cigarettes review with multiple colors



How To Use The Juul Starter Kit

It’s a very simple device, but in this Juul vape review ProVapor will provide you with all the steps necessary in order to use this device properly:

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Remove the device from the starter kit box.
  2. Remove other components like the charger, and the PODS
  3. After opening your Juul and removing it from its package, take the charger and plug it into your laptop or computer, or even a charging cube.
  4. The top of the charger is open. Its open for your Juul to sit on. This open end is magnetized for your convenience.
  5. Plug both the Juul and the charger in and charge the Juul.
  6. Once your Juul is charged (about 45 minutes to an hour) you’re good to go.
  7. Your juice is contained within several colored PODS. In the kit it comes with different flavors.
  8. Unwrap the flavor of your choice
  9. Insert the POD of your choice, it could be any flavor you want from the contained package.
  10. On the POD there is a colorful cap, remove the cap and the insert clear end of POD into the open end of the Juul.
  11. Then you are good to go!
                        Juul vape review blue device on a multicolor background

On this device, there are no buttons. It’s simply just removing the POD from its package, removing the colorful cap and inserting it into the Juuls open end.

Another unique design about the Juul is that you do not fill the device up. There is no atomizer. If you are confused as to what an atomizer is, check out our article on “What Is An Atomizer?”. This device has an easy charge system.

The charger is a little cubical piece and has an open end for your Juul to sit. It is magnetized and so is your Juul. When placing it into the charger it will snap right into place. The end of the charger contains a USB connector. You can plug it into your laptop, your computer, or a charging cub.


Specifications Of The Juul Starter Kit

In this Juul vape review, we will discuss such specifications: Length, width, the capacity of PODS, wattage, pricing, colors, and protect measures!

The Juul is a very small, and sleek device with a length of 8.72cm alone, with the POD a total length of 9.48cm. Its width is very small a total of 1.51cm. Now the PODS are even smaller, and only contain about 0.7mL of juice inside them. In total this will give you 200 puffs until the POD is empty. The Juuls wattage output is 8w. For a tiny device, it hits consistently and powerfully! Overall pricing for the Juul:

Juul starter kit – $49.99

Juul device kit -$29.99

PODS -$15.99 however now they are sold in packs of two ($8.99)

These prices vary by location. Some kits are cheaper than others while some are more expensive. This information applies to the PODS as well.

The Juul can come in two colors, however, there are companies that have created a shrink wrap that can be slipped over the Juul and shrunken down with a heat gun in order to fit the Juul and its dimensions properly. The standard colors are silver and metallic grey.

The Juul is a very intricate device, and very delicate while also being very light. It does have a coated surface that can scratch easily as well as issues with POD placement. We recommend you do not put your Juul in your pockets with keys or any other sharp objects. Be careful with dropping it as well, the hardware inside can take damage since it is very small. Juul also provides individuals with a one year warranty if anything should happen.



In this Juul vape review, and from personal use, Provapor sees a lot of upsides to this product

  • Great battery life
  • Very user friendly
  • Great customer service
  • Consistent hits
  • Great flavors from PODS
  • Pocket friendly pricing
  • Beautiful, sleek design



Though this beautiful device has a lot of upsides, like everything else, it does have its downs.

  • Though sleek and beautiful, it is very small. Has the potential to be misplaced more frequently compared to standard box MODS
  • Just like the device itself, the charger is even smaller. It could be a problem is misplaced
  • You will have to constantly purchase PODS

Final Word

Overall this product is great. It is a simple device that will definitely get the job done. It provides the user with consistent hits, allows for simplicity making it a buttonless device, charger quicker than other products, and has some great flavors. The Juul has proven to be one of the most efficient and effective devices on the market. We here at ProVapor hoped we answered all your questions in this in-depth Juul vape review.

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