Liitokala 18650 Batteries Review

A comphrensive guide on one of the best 18650 batteries on the market today. By looking at the product specifications, the pros and cons as well as an general overview of the product we get a better understanding of how to use this product in vaping.
Liitokala 18650 Batteries Review

There is a lot of discussion on the Liitokala 18650 batteries from their quality to how well they perform. We are here to say that they by far pass the test of any 18650 battery. While they may not have the brand recognition of per se, Samsung, or LG what they lack in brand recognition they make up for in performance. These batteries match the quality and reliability of some of these major brands for a fraction of the cost. 18650 batteries are multipurpose batteries and are in a number of vaping products as well as baby monitors and flashlights.

These batteries are long-lasting, rechargeable, and very effective. Liitokala specializes in making affordable batteries that are practical in a multitude of products. For this review, we are focusing on the Liitokala 18650 batteries and how they can be used in vaping devices.

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What are the Liitokala 18650 Batteries all About

Many times your vaping devices will require batteries. Rechargeable batteries are the way to go. Now it may not always be easy knowing which batteries are the best and which are going to let you down. But Liitokala 18650 batteries have gone through extensive testing and are meticulously inspected for quality. They are sure to provide exactly what you need and keep your device running for a very long time. We will take a further look into the product specifications a bit further into the article.

Knowing which batteries to pick can sometimes be as difficult as picking the right vaping device. Batteries will power your device and keep you vaping. Of course, you want an affordable battery but at the same time, you want one that isn't going to let you down, will keep you vaping for a long time, and is safe. These batteries do just that. Low-grade batteries can damage your vaping mod and who wants that. Imagine, you just paid 100 dollars for your brand-new badass mod and because of the batteries, you can't use it. Bad batteries can short circuit your device and even though many of these devices now have protection against that why risk it in the first place. Trustworthy 18650 batteries are not always easy to come by but these Liitokala 18650 batteries have you covered.

How to use the Liitokala 18650 Batteries

Well, this really just depends on your device. Please take note that different devices will use a different amount of batteries. We here at ProVapor do not currently sell smart chargers in order to charge your device. We will give you a bit of insight though into these batteries. They do not always need to be paired with a smart charger. Yes, that is the best way to do it and that will ensure the longest lifespan for your charger but that is not the only way. We are not going to directly link any videos but let's just say there are other ways to charge your batteries and with a quick google search you will find a multitude of ways.

So really that's about it. Just plug them into your device and let them do their magic. They can last for days depending on how heavy you use their device. They have some of the best cells any battery has just be sure to use them with care. Inappropriate care and use can lead to serious battery malfunctions which can damage your device or even worse injure the user. An exploding battery is something to take very seriously and it is important that you as the user use the battery responsibly. Use all the safety instructions that the manual has provided.

For example, the SMOK G-Priv 220W Kit uses dual external 18650 batteries. Take the batteries and plug them in and get vaping. Always refer to your specific product in order to know how many batteries you need as well as how to install them.

Specifications of the Liitokala 18650 Batteries

Unlike many other review articles that we do because these are specifications so specific to this product we will just list them in bullet form. They are as follows:

  • Voltage: 3.6v-4.2v
  • Capacity:3400mAh
  • Overcharging:4.2v
  • Output: 4.2v 600mA
  • Input: 110-240v
  • Greatest charge: 1.5C
  • internal resistance: below 50 milliohms

So as we can see these batteries are very effective and can last 1000 rounds before you need to remove them from use. We do recommend switching them out before that though to ensure your device runs at top condition and you get the same amazing performance you have always gotten.


As for the pros of the Liitokala 18650 batteries, there are several. First and foremost they are the perfect batteries for vaping since they are rechargeable and work perfectly for many vaping devices.

  • Vaping Batteries
  • Use around the house in other devices
  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Consistent power
  • Last a long time
  • Have relatively fast recharge time
  • 3.6V-4.2V


There really are not that many cons simple because it is a battery. Batteries are not all perfect nor created alike but many times they can get the job done.

  • Not a well-known brand

Final Words

In closing the Liitokala 18650 Batteries are impressive. They can meet and exceed all of your vaping expectations. Of course, we want our batteries to last a long time and provide us with consistent power and that is what these give you. We here at ProVapor take pride in bringing our customers the best product at the lowest price option. While there are higher-end products out there these batteries for the price and performance are perfect for all your vaping needs. All in all, we rate these a 8.5/10 as far as rechargeable batteries go. They are consistent, powerful and sure to keep you vaping for a long time.


5 thoughts on “Liitokala 18650 Batteries Review”

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  2. Avatar

    i haven’t tried their 18650’s but their 26650 that i bought may last year is still doing good on my wismec presa.

  3. Avatar

    This article is extremely misleading. It should be explicitly stated that liitokala are just cheaper, higher resistance, lower amp batteries that are NOT as good as official OEM suppliers.

    You in no way tested your batteries sufficiently, as per the article, and it is dangerous to recommend these units for purchase.

    Liitokala have previously been fined for selling fake Samsung 30Q 18650 battery cells.

    I would ask anyone out there to not give their business any sales and to simply look up wholesale companies like 18650uk and others for new, verified battery cells.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you for your input. We will take your comment into consideration and revise our article. We no longer sell Litokala batteries so there are no business gains for us to be made here. We just want to give you guys the best info and give you guys the options to get your devices running for the cheapest price.

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