Five of the Most Negative Effects of Vaping

A comprehensive overview of the five negative effects of vaping. After reading this post you'll know about the various risks involved with vaping. As well as how these risks compare when smoking traditional cigarettes.


In this article, we will be overviewing five negative effects of vaping. While we cover these topics we will also be comparing these effects in vaping vs smoking tradition cigarettes. When it comes to electronic cigarettes there are a few things that one should look out for. So we have compiled reasoning and evidence for these five things.

What Is Vaping?

What is vaping? Although vaping has become increasingly popular in everyday communities there is still a vast majority of people that still don’t know what vaping is exactly. According to the Center on Addiction “Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, often referred to as vapor, which is produced by an e-cigarette or similar device”. So in layman terms vaping is simply the use of a device that allows you to exhale clouds of smoke. Vaporizers (or vapes) work by vaporizing ingredients without burning them resulting in a safer experience when compared to smoking cigarettes. This is because Vaping has less toxic chemicals than in cigarettes; however, there are still trace toxins in vaping. Many people think vaping is just pure water vapor. In fact, it is a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

Negative Effects of Vaping Number 1: Nicotine

Our first of five negative effects of vaping would be the nicotine that is found within e-liquids. Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical that contains nitrogen, which is made by several types of plants, including the tobacco plant. Nicotine is a stimulus as well as a sedative. When the body is exposed to nicotine an individual will experience a “kick” sensation, caused by a release of adrenaline. Alongside this adrenaline rush, the body also releases glucose and experiences increase in heart rate, breathing activity, and blood pressure. All these may increase the risk of heart problems throughout life. Consuming nicotine has been linked to the feeling of euphoria, alertness, and relaxation.

Nicotine although coming from plants can also be made synthetically. This would allow nicotine to be used in devices such as e-cigarettes or vape pens as well as nicotine gums or patches. In recent years liquid nicotine has been labeled as less risky when compared to traditional cigarettes. Vaping devices atomize the liquid nicotine by applying heat but without the harmful oxidation effect of burning. The reason that vaping nicotine is healthier than your traditional cigarettes is due to the fact that an individual would avoid the intake of tobacco.

Nicotine to display one of the five negative effects of vaping

Negative Effect Number 2: Effects On The Lungs

Vaping devices put nicotine in your lungs and bloodstream. This is going to be the focus of the second of our five negative effects of vaping. However, an upside to this is that they do this without the smoke and tar of a traditional cigarette. When inhaling vapor smoke or e-cigarettes there are some potentially harmful ingredients in the aerosol. Aerosol contains many substances such as:

  • Nicotine
  • Heavy metals such as nickel tin or lead
  • Ultra fine particles that can be deeply inhaled into the lungs

These can all lead to a condition called bronchiolitis obliterans, or more commonly know as popcorn lungs. Popcorn lungs are caused by inhaling chemicals that scar the lungs and in effect stop them from working properly. This occurs by reducing their capacity and efficiency. Symptoms of this would be a dry cough that won’t go away, wheezing, shortness of breath and feeling tired. Even though this is an unfavorable condition to have your risk of getting lung cancer when compared to cigarettes is greatly reduced.

Negative Effect Number 3: Oral Care

We all want that picture perfect smile, but what happens if something were to damage that? Another negative effect of vaping would be the fact the nicotine as well as the flavoring agents have been found to restrict the blood vessels in your mouth. This causes damage to the cells in the mouth, which may result in the recession of your gums. Another danger in the increased risk of oral cancer due to the fact that unlike tradition cigarettes vaping is more accessible and discreet. This means that people feel more inclined to pull them out quickly and take a few puffs more frequently than one would smoke a cigarette. However, when compared to cigarettes you are able to avoid the tar and tobacco while using a vaping device.

Negative Effect Number 4: Youth and Vaping

In recent years as vaping has become more popular it has also been taken up by younger generations. According to the 2018 National Academy of Medicine, the report found that there was some evidence that e-cigarette use increases the frequency and amount of cigarette smoking in the future. This is especially dangerous because the purpose of vaping is to help an individual get over the habit of traditional cigarettes, however, it has shown the opposite effects in the youth. As the mind is still in development which ends around the age of 25 early vaping can lead to an addiction. This addiction may, in fact, lead to people switching from vaping to smoking traditional cigarettes. Due to this, it is highly recommended to wait until you’re past the stage of brain development to begin using vaping devices.

Negative effects of vaping in youths

Negative Effect Number 5: Battery Risk

To conclude our five negative effects of vaping we are going to look at the battery used in vaping devices or e-cigarettes. Due to the constant use and recharging, although uncommon has been known to explode. In the rare occasions this happens it can cause serious damage such as personal injuries and fires. However, there are plenty of ways to avoid these issues such as not charging your device overnight. Also, it’s recommended to use a device with safety features which a majority of newer nods have built in. So with the advancements of technology, this is becoming a dwindling issue but still one to be avoided.

Final Words

Not everything is completely glamorous in the vaping world as we have gone over in this article. The biggest effects overall are caused by the nicotine found in many e-liquids, however, when it comes to smoking traditional cigarettes vaping is a major step up. One of the major upsides of switching to vaping is the fact that you’ll be able to illuminate cancer-causing tobacco. Also when smoking a single cigarette you’re inhaling over 7,000 different chemicals which at least 70 have been known to cause cancer. So overall the decision to switch to vaping will undoubtedly be a positive change for your health. We here at the ProVapor team appreciate you taking time to read about the five negative effects of and further your knowledge about vaping.


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