6 Reasons to Stop Vaping: Some of the Most Negative Health Effects of Vaping

Vaping can be helpful for smoker's to transit from tobacco products, but vaping can still be harmful in some ways. Here are six reasons why you shouldn't vape.
6 Reasons to Stop Vaping: Some of the Most Negative Health Effects of Vaping

Vaping can be a lifesaver for many former smokers. It offers a safer and more affordable way to get your nicotine while enjoying your vaping device. Yet, while vaping has many benefits when compared to smoking there are reasons to stop. These are six of the most convincing reasons to stop vaping and the negative health effects of vaping.

Vaping can be very good when it comes to transitioning yourself from traditional tobacco products to e-cigarettes. It should not be thought of as "healthy" even if it is safer than cigarettes. Vaping can still damage your lungs. Respiratory risks are also present in vaping.

E-cigarettes are electronic products; some harmful factors aren't only from smoking; it can be from the device itself. In that saying, E-cigarettes are prone to exploding. Batteries power vape devices so these devices can overheat and explode anytime. Some studies show that vaping can suppress the immune system. According to the reviews from the Center for Environmental Medicine at UNC, e-cigarettes supposedly contain more immune genes than traditional tobacco cigarettes. This can lead to a condition known as a modified immune response. This means your immune system can suffer from the chemical exposure of e-cigarettes; leading to susceptibility to illness.

Toxins in Vaping: More Negative Health Effects of Vaping

Some vape e-liquids contain a chemical called diacetyl which is a common ingredient in fruity-like vape flavors. This chemical can cause irreversible lung damage, leading to obliterative bronchiolitis. Too much ingestion of this chemical can lead to increased shortness of breath, intense coughing, and wheezing.

Although e-juices contain minimal toxic chemicals than a traditional cigarette, there are still harmful chemicals that play a part such as nicotine. Nicotine has long-term adverse effects on the body. Nicotine can induce defective brain development, potential premature birth in pregnant women and can even increase your chances of catching a stroke. Also, nicotine in tobacco products is much harmful than nicotine in e-juices because it makes you crave tobacco products. But, there is more nicotine in e-liquids, and this can be harmful in the long term. The average traditional cigarette can hold up to 10g to 15g of nicotine while e-liquids can contain 0 to 72 mg of nicotine.

Person blowing smoke into the shape of a skull which implies the negative health effects of vaping.
Dangers of Vaping

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is a highly addictive chemical. So when vaping, you will find it hard to stop because nicotine can give you cravings. So vaping e-liquids that contain nicotine can have you hooked on the e-liquid flavors you're vaping, when you are addicted to nicotine, it's hard to focus. Vaping nicotine is usually a gateway to traditional cigarettes. The actual chemical, nicotine does not cause cancer. But it leads the person to crave the product, which can be harmful to the smoker's future health. This is one of the most detrimental negative health effects of vaping.

Control Over Your Life

Where there is an addiction, there is dependence. Addiction always leads to reliance on something. So, in this case, the addiction to nicotine causes you to depend on it. People need to have their daily dose of nicotine to function, and this is known as dependence. When you finally decide to quit smoking, the nicotine dependence makes it complicated to reach your goal. This is because it becomes hard to stop. In the state of dependence, while not using the substance, you begin to have cravings. This controls your life and makes you always want that dose of nicotine. When you choose to quit nicotine, you have to wean yourself off of it slowly. Smokers usually do this by using e-cigarettes. With the capability of using e-liquid with different strengths of nicotine, smokers typically begin to change the concentration of nicotine to lower their tolerance.

Interfering with work

Vaping doesn't only affect you, but it can have an effect on your family or even colleagues at work if you vape around them. This causes problems within work-related areas, showing unprofessionalism and giving some people second-hand smoke. With nicotine dependence, it causes you to not focus and could interfere with the way you work. Such as taking breaks to smoke can create problems with management. There is a long line of issues that can make a domino effect. Just be sure to operate with professionalism when you need to take a break to vape and be considerate to your colleagues.

Vaping While Pregnant

Vaping can have the same effect on a woman's pregnancy the same as smoking tobacco cigarettes. The ingestion of nicotine is what affects fertility, which increases the risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, and congenital disabilities. Children whose mothers smoked or vaped during pregnancy are more likely to have asthma and can develop mental health issues such as ADHD. Nicotine is not the only health hazard in e-cigarettes; there is a carcinogen substance in some e-liquid flavors that can harm the baby during pregnancy. So be on the lookout for these negative health effects of vaping.

  • Can cause issues with childbirth
  • Asthma
  • Premature Delivery
  • Major studies are still being done to fully understand the issues associated with vaping while pregnant

Negative Health Effects of Vaping: Wet Lung

One of the major and most concerning negative health effects comes from something called wet lung. A condition where you are not getting enough oxygen in your lungs. This begins to harm your other organs. When your other organs are not receiving enough oxygen it begins to diminish their performance and can have overall negative effects on your health. Always vape responsibly, use high-quality liquids, and keep your device in the best working order possible.


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