The most popular vaping device of all time has hit the shelves at ProVapor. We are introducing both the JUUL Starter Kit and just the device for those who already have the extras the starter kit brings. We offer two colors: Slate and Silver. Make sure to pick yourself up some replacement pods while you are here as well.


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The JUUL has finally arrived in ProVapor’s product line after a long and highly anticipated wait. Not only are we introducing individual JUUL devices (Slate and Silver), we are also offering replacement pods and JUUL Starter Kits. If you’re looking for more information on the JUUL, look no further as we have an assortment of blogs covering all things JUUL.

JUUL can bring you reliable vaping all day, accompanied with amazing flavors. From menthol to classic tobacco, JUUL has you covered when it comes to amazing flavors. In each 0.7ml pod, you get roughly 200 puffs, which can take you throughout the day or even longer, depending on how often you use your device. Each pod comes with 5% nicotine, which is enough to satisfy any vaper. With a powerful 8W battery, you get consistent hits and remarkable flavor delivery in every hit. Your JUUL charges extremely fast, and in 45 minutes to an hour, it will be fully charged. The easy to use USB charger is as simple as plugging it in and attaching your device. And once it’s ready, just insert the pod and start vaping, no buttons required.

JUUL Starter Kit

For only $49.99, you get yourself a brand new starter kit that gets you on the fast track to vaping. Each package comes with two flavors (Cool Mint & Classic Tobacco), the JUUL Device, and a USB charger. We currently offer this Starter Kit in both Slate and Silver colors, get yours before they run out.


The JUUL Kit is simply just the device and the charger. No extras but perfect if you already have a supply of the pods. We currently offer this Starter Kit in both Slate and Silver colors, get yours before they run out.


JUUL Silver Device Only, JUUL Silver Starter Kit, JUUL Slate Device Only, JUUL Slate Starter Kit


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