Rebuildable Tank Atomizers and All RBAs the Ultimate Guide

A Comprehensive Guide to Rebuildable Tank Atomizers as well as other types of RBAs. By looking at the function of each we can better understand what they are used for and their purpose in vaping. Some of the most popular builds are also mentioned.
Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Having your own vaping device can be amazing. Building your vaping device can be downright fulfilling. Using RBA’s, RTA’s and more you can create your very own vape kit. Let’s start by first introducing some definitions and then we will dive right into rebuildable tank atomizers. From there we will take a look at the general meaning of RBA’s, and RDA’s. We will then end this article with a comparison of all these terms and just how you can use them when you vape. If you’re new to vaping and you want to check out some facts about vaping or even some of the risks associated click on their respective titles.


RBA: Stands for Rebuildable Atomizer. It is a vape build that allows you to optimize your vape device to your specifications

RTA: Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. Now we know that technically all rebuildable atomizers are RTA’s. A chimney and bell system that extends from the deck to the drip tip.

RDA: Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. This is also a type of RBA that requires the user to insert the e-liquid into the coils and wicks manually.

RBA Heads: Rebuildable Heads that work with sub ohm tanks. They can also work with clearomizers. Instead of using the factory coil, you can upgrade your device using an RBA Head.

RDTA: Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. No Bell and Chimney system like the RTA’s. You don’t need to drip through, so the name is quite misleading.

What are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA)

Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are a commonly used accessory to improve your vaping performance. Instead of using the factory tank you can replace it or upgrade it to a brand new RTA. Essentially this tank makes vacuum pressure within itself to force e-juice into the wick. It is this pressure that forces the liquid to travel faster, and some people argue that this improves the taste. Some of the best are Wismec CYLIN Tank and the SMOK G2 and G4.

These RTAs work best in high power mods. There is no point in having a high-quality RTA if you are using a $20 Vaping device. These high-quality Rebuildable Tank Atomizers are meant to be used in higher quality vaping gear. Some of the best vaping kits for these high-end RTA’s can be found here.

Wismec Cylin on a all white background

What is a Rebuildable Atomizer

As mentioned above a Rebuildable Atomizer encompasses everything that can be rebuilt on the vaping head. It includes all the terms that have been discussed above. The RTAs, RDTAs, RBA Heads, and more. Essentially this is the broad term for all these specific parts. When talking about builds, people will generally refer to RBA instead of specifying which part of their RBA they have changed.

What are RBA Heads

As mentioned above, these are sub ohm tanks that come with clearomizers. These tanks are great for people who are just learning how to change their vaping device to their specific needs. They are easily replaceable, and you can change them out quickly with the factory model. SMOK still makes some tanks devices that already come with RBA heads, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to find devices like this.

People will generally upgrade to these to be able to add more liquid and have a better vaping experience. This works for people who use up to two coils (If you want to know how to make your coils last longer click there). Remember these are all just add-ons to make your vaping experience that much better. Not everyone needs more power, but it is nice to have. The SMOK TFV12 Prince, here is a link to the article on the Prince and the SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince are two trendy Rebuildable Heads.

rebuildable tank atomizers, SMOK Prince TFV12 on an all white background

What is an RDA

An RDA is a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer which as we already know requires the user to place the e-juice into the Coil and Wick manually. People generally don’t use these builds anymore since using a tank makes it so much more convenient. But if you want a bit of a throwback feel and a way to make sure you’re adding the liquid correctly this can be the way to go. There is generally a well that holds the e-juice in the build. This well generally does not hold as much liquid as a tank.

We do not suggest using this build for first-time vapers. It is easy to dry out your wick and therefore cause your device to have dry hits. These dry hits can cause the coil to burn out and lead to a not so pleasurable vaping experience. Of course, there are ways around this like using a squonk mod to hold the liquid.

What is an RDTA

Kangertech DOTA-RDTA cartomizer black model on a white background.
Kangertech DOTA-RDTA

An RDTA or a Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer is not used for dripping. Instead, it is essentially an RDA but without the need for dripping the liquid. All an RDTA is an RDA with a tank in place of the well. Above you will see a picture of the Kangertech DOTA.

Last words on RBAs

Wismec indestructible RDA on a white background.

Rebuildable Atomizers must be handled with care. If you don’t know how to use them properly, you can cause severe damage to your device or yourself. You must be familiar with wrapping vape coils and understanding your devices battery power. If you use the wrong ohms, you can destroy your device or mess up the RBA. Of course, these devices are fantastic to have and can make your vaping experience a hundred times better, but it is essential to understand that these devices require experienced user. Rebuildable Tanks are arguably the easiest to use as they replace the previous tank/coil set up. So please be careful when building your mods, and as always have fun vaping and vape for the low at ProVapor.


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