Risks Of Vaping

This article will focus primarily on the risks of vaping. Some of the more well known ones will be covered such as the heavy metals found in Vaping. We will also disscuss how to minimize these risks.
Risks Of Vaping

Are there any risks of vaping, and if there are what are they and what can we do to minimize them. By now we have either seen the commercials or read about new studies that have come out trying to show just how bad vaping is for your health. We must examine the merit behind these studies and try to uncover the true hazards that lie behind vaping. The truth lies on somewhere in the middle, usually, no side is completely right or wrong. While vaping may not be perfectly healthy because of certain particles in the vapor. It is also probably not the case that vaping will have the detrimental health effects that say, typical cigarette smoking does. Take a look at some facts on vaping if you wish to expand your knowledge on vaping.

What we can say is that the FDA has deemed the two main ingredients in e-liquids as “safe foods”. These liquids are often used in foods.

Risks of Vaping

As with many things we enjoy in life there are risks, for example does eating that 1,500 calorie hamburger filled with cholesterol and trans fat make us any less likely to eat it. For many of us, the answer is no. That is because we know that if consumed in moderation there will be next to no long term consequences. I mean heck, water consumed in abundance leads people to throw up and feeling sick, so it’s all about that right amount that works for you. The risks of vaping come when one misuses the device or perhaps overuses the device. This is not to say there are no risks of vaping but they can certainly be minimized.

Heavy metals such as nickel and tin can be found in many vaping devices. This occurs when equipment corrodes. Risks of this nature can be neutralized If kept in good condition.

Another popular theory out there is that vaping will directly lead to cigarette smoking. Vaping in itself is a way to distance yourself from cigarettes. Of course, people may be persuaded to try cigarettes but as the old saying goes correlation is not causation. Meaning that just because you are vaping does not mean you will turn to cigarettes next.

The last major risk of vaping we will touch upon is cancer. As we know cigarettes have been time and time again been linked to cancer, lung cancer in specific. Currently, there are not enough studies to conclude that vaping causes or does not cause cancer. What can be said is that many of the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes are not found in vaping devices. Vaping does not cause cancer. Research in the coming years will help prove this further.

Minimal risk

Vaping can also cause slight burns if used incorrectly. Overuse of the device can cause the metal to get hot. Simply leave the device alone and it will return to normal temperature.

Is there any way I can remove the risk of vaping?

Many people want to continue vaping but are wary of potential health risks. These risks can be minimized is the good news. First of all always make sure that you are buying from a trusted retailer/supplier. This will make sure you know exactly what you are putting in your body which in turn better helps you stay healthy. Second is to make sure you clean your vaping device. Coils, atomizers, and other parts of your vaping pens can become worn down which release chemicals into your device. These chemicals can then be inhaled, in order to reduce the risk of this happening be sure to keep your device in good condition and replace the part when needed. ProVapor acknowledges that risks are associated with vaping, but we also thoroughly believe that they can be minimized or eliminated with proper device care and responsible use.


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