SMOK G-Priv 220W Kit Product Review

Today we review the SMOK G Priv and all it's specifications and components that SMOKTech provides. We will dive deep into how it performs, what it can produce, and overall quality and review.

SMOK is an incredible, game-changing company that has provided the vaping community with different MODS, different atomizers, and overall better vaping experience. Here today we have the SMOK G Priv MOD. A complex, beauteous MOD that presents it's self well. With all it's incredible features and performance, we here at ProVapor will provide you with all the information you need to know before getting this device.

SMOK G Priv multiple colors

What is the SMOK G Priv?

The SMOK G Priv is from the company SMOKTech. It is one of their high-end MODS, which is in term a battery-powered compact device that allow vapers to "vape". One of the best MODS on the market, you will definitely get your needs met when purchasing this device. It comes with a touch screen that allows the user to make any and all adjustments to the device, along with a huge wattage output and comfortable grip! A small, powerful device indeed. This will definitely be one of the best to come out.

How To Use The SMOK G Priv

The SMOK G Priv is the actual device or "MOD". It's very simple to use. If you are just purchasing the MOD you will definitely need an atomizer. If you do, we recommend the TFV12 Prince Tank, but there are also kits available as well.

Steps to working the SMOK G Priv:

  1. It takes five clicks to turn the device on
  2. There are two buttons, located on the side of the device. One at the top and one huge button located to the left of the device. The little button above the firing sight locks the device, and the larger button fires the device (Vaporizes the juice).
  3. In order to fill the atomizer or the tank, you need to locate where your top is. At the top of your atomizer, you can push down and twist or rotate the top to the left and that will reveal a port where you administer your liquid of choice.
  4. Once you have done that, close the tip and screw on the atomizer to the SMOK G Priv. You can find the attachment site on top of the device.
  5. The Smoke G Priv is a touch screen. On the left and right side of the wattage information, tap either side to lower or increase the wattage. This is where you can also check additional information as well.
  6. Right underneath the device is a USB port. That is where you can plug in your USB charge cable that SMOK provides you with, and you're all set. We recommend Liitokala 18650 to power your device. On the back of the device, there is a magnetic backing that can be taken off.
  7. Remove the backplate on your SMOK G Priv and that is where you can place the batteries.
SMOK G Priv components

Specifications Of The SMOK G Priv

The SMOK G Priv kit includes one SMOK G Priv MOD, one TFV8 Baby Tank, replacement coils, a replacement glass tube for the atomizer, a USB charging cable, the user manual, and additional spare parts.

The specifications for this device Include:

  • A 5ml tank capacity
  • The tank is 56mm tall and 24.5mm in diameter only weighing about 60 grams
  • The MOD itself has a height of 85mm and a width of 58.5mm along with a depth of 28mm.
  • It weighs 202g with a maximum wattage of 220W. Its voltage range is 0.35v-8.0v
  • It comes standard with a 2.4inch touch screen and metal magnetic backing, as well as the ability to manage and edit all internal options on the device.
  • The device has a crack resistant screen however these devices are adaptable. You can purchase a cover to protect the device like a phone case on a phone.


There are many benefits that would lead one to purchase the Smok G Priv.

  • A large and crisp 2.4-inch screen
  • The innovative design of mod
  • Simple to use
  • Preheat capabilities
  • Many Protective Features
  • Temperature control with options of Nickel Titanium or stainless steel coils
  • Resistance Control
  • TCR control


Unfortunately, no mod is absolutely perfect, there are still a few downsides to this device

  • Due to the high wattage capabilities going over the coils recommended wattage will cause a flavor decrease
  • This mod is larger than most mods you'd find due to the screen size which in turn may be uncomfortable to hold
  • Charging port is underneath the mod preventing the mod to stand while charging

Final Words

Overall this product has a great design with only very few flaws. SMOK really brought it back with the SMOK G Priv. A well-powered, user-friendly, complete device that will fulfill all your vaping needs. We here at ProVapor give this product an 8.5/10 and we hope we answered all your questions.


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