SMOK Infinix Pods Replacements Product Review

A comprehensive guide to the SMOK Infinix Pods. By looking at all aspects of the device you can see just how these pods make the SMOK Infinix that much better. From product specifications to how to use this guide will give you all your answers to your questions.

The SMOK Infinix Pods are such a great item that they deserved a post just about them. This will be a quick informative guide on these little pods. The Infinix SMOK is a product that has taken the market by storm competing with the ABAY, ZBGO, and Juul for market space. It is important to know just how these little pods work and the role they play when using your Infinix SMOK. If you want to learn more about the actual SMOK Infinix check out our article on that topic.

What are the SMOK Infinix Pods

Simple. They are the refillable replacement pods that the SMOK Infinix uses. They are 2ml so they carry enough ejuice to keep you vaping for the whole day. You also don't need to worry about coil care as you can just toss these out when your coil goes bad and pop in a new one. Of course, there are ways to make your coils last longer, feel free to check out our quick write up on that topic. The filling is easy and using them is easy. Overall a very simple product to use that does exactly as it was intended to do.

Smok Infinix Replacement Pods

How to Use the Infinix SMOK Pods

Using the pods is super easy. In essence, just fill up and pop in. Ok, admittedly there are a few more steps but not many. Let's go ahead and take a look at these steps in a bit more detail.

  1. To fill The pods, open the side-mounted rubber plug and inject your e-juice of choice.
  2. Then be sure to firmly seal the rubber plug back up with your thumb or finger.
  3. Insert your new SMOK Infinix Pod to the mod portion of the kit, letting the powerful magnets attract and take hold of each other.
  4. Once everything is properly in place, slip the Infinix into your purse or pocket and take it on the go.

And that's it, super easy right, you're now on your way to using your brand new SMOK Infinix. These SMOK Infinix Pods just made vaping a whole lot easier.

Specifications of the SMOK Infinix Pods

Since we are just talking about the pods here and not the actual device (mod) there really aren't too many specifications that we need to go over. It is important to note that although there aren't many advanced features it is the simplicity of the SMOK Infinix pods that make them so great.

Let's start off with the 2ml capacity. As many seasoned vapers know that is on the low end of size but for a pen it is perfect. For comparison, the Juul only offers a .7ml of ejuice while the ABAY and ZBGO are both at 2ml. So while 2ml may not seem like a lot, in reality, it is enough to get you through the day especially since the device itself is extremely efficient.

Now let's cover the horizontal atomizer/coil build and the organic cotton. By now everyone knows that organic cotton is the craze and it is a must-have in all of your vaping devices. What some people might not know is the benefits of having a horizontal coil system. Overall the system is just more effective and has a slower burn out rate when compared to traditional coil systems. Plainly put, it works better.

Lastly, let's talk about that gold plated connection. Being that it is magnetized you never have to worry about your pods not being in the right place. The Infinix SMOK has it all covered. These pods are truly one of a kind and make your vaping experience amazing.


Let's dive right into the main pros of the SMOK Infinix Pods.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Slower burn out rate
  • 2ml of ejuice
  • Gold Magnetic Connection
  • Horizontal Coil
  • Can use with and without nicotine


As with all devices, there are usually a few drawbacks so here they are for the pods.

  • Not the largest of ejuice capacities
  • Only come in one color
  • They do burn out

Final Word

All in all, for just being pods they are pretty amazing. While it wouldn't be fair to rate this product on the normal ProVapor rating scale we will just say they are amazing for their price and quality. We can only compare them to ZBGO when we talk about the refillable pods. They go neck in neck with the slight advantage going to the ZBGO pods but that has to do with the ZBGO being the better device overall. The SMOK Infinix pods are a must-have if you are using the SMOK Infinix but don't worry they won't be letting you down. As always happy vaping from the ProVapor family.


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