SMOK TFV4 Tank Mini Atomizer Sub-Ohm Product Review

A comprehensive look at the SMOK TFV4 Tank Mini atomizer and all of its features. We dive into the specifics in order to give you guys the most detailed look at this amazing device.

The SMOK TFV4 tank mini Atomizer is one of the newest innovations in the vaping community. It has the ability to hold up to four different types of coils and is known for the massive cloud production it produces. This is a must-have for people who are into highly customizable mods. This atomizer is perfect for people just entering the vaping game and seasoned veteran alike. Of course, there is some technical background that you should be familiar with but you've come to the right place to learn all about the SMOK TFV4 (Taste Fury) Tank.

What is the SMOK TFV4 Tank

The TFV4 is a massive 5ml tank that is capable of all types of vaping. With the ability to switch between an array of coils you'll have everything you need in this amazing little tank. Couple this with advanced airflow for the smoothest draws and an easy to use top-fill method you have yourself an amazing device. The SMOK tank TFV4 also has the capability for single and dual RDA as well as triple and quadruple coil designs. It is these coils that allow for the amazing power to be used with this atomizer. An amazing 130w for the triple and an unheard-of 140w for the quadruple. Now, this may be a lot to take in especially if this is your first time vaping but trust us it's easy to use once you get the hang of it. Learn how to take care of your coils with this article.

The SMOK TFV4 tank also comes with a stainless steel design meant to stay durable and beautiful no matter how many times it's used. High-grade pyrex glass and a top filled method which eliminates leaks is just another amazing feature this atomizer offers. Now that we know about the basics let's jump into how to use the SMOK TFV4 tank.

SMOK TFV4 tank parts on a wooden table

How to use the SMOK Tank TFV4

Make sure to follow these step by step instructions and you will never have to worry about a leaky tank. You'll also gain the know-how on how to switch out coils and set up your tank exactly how you need it.

The TFV4 comes about 90% assembled in the box. While it may look ready to use you need to disassemble this device and get to know it before the first use.


  1. Open the top of the tank by rotating the top.
  2. Remove the white airtight seal.
  3. You can now replace this seal. Make sure you push down the white airtight seal so that it sits flat with the device. Also, ensure that you have properly lined up the arch with the arch on the device. Pushing down so that the seal is snug will ensure this device will not leak.
  4. You can now close the top of the tank by rotating it back and slightly push it down so it does not open on its own.
  5. Pull out the mouthpiece (top of tank) and unscrew it. This will expose the glass on the inside.
  6. You can now screw it back on but be sure to leave the air holes exposed as that will assist in making sure the glass remains cool.
  7. Now we will remove the top from the tank. Unscrew the tank nice and slow and make sure you place the glass on a surface where it will not scratch.
  8. Now the coil can be removed from the SMOK TFV4 Tank and tightened or simple retightened right back into the base. Make sure the threads align perfectly and thread slowly. Make sure it is nice and tight.
  9. Now comes priming the coil. Place juice 2-3 drops directly inside the coil around the sides, not on the outside of the coil.
  10. Allow the coil to sit for about five minutes to ensure its properly primed.
  11. Now place the glass tube around the coil which is connected to the base. And push them together and a slight turn to make sure they are level.
  12. Connect the top of the atomizer back to the coil and gentle twist to ensure they are properly threaded. And make sure it is tight.
  13. Now open the top of your tank and fill your device through the arch.
  14. You can now attach your SMOK TFV4 tank to your favorite vaping device. So long as it is properly rated to be used with the TFV4.
If there is any confusion check out this amazing video that demonstrates exactly how to use your SMOK tank TFV4.

Specifications of the SMOK TFV4 Tank

We will now cover the specifications of the SMOK tank TFV4 and give a special overview of a few of the most popular devices that you can use the SMOK TFV4 tank in.

  • The first amazing specification is the patented triple and quadruple coil design.
  • 5ml capacity
  • Stainless steel
  • 4 air slots at the bottom and at the drip tip for maximum control over the air intake
  • Interchangeable coil heads
  • 510 Thread Connection

Let's take a look at each of these specifications in just a bit more detail. The triple and quadruple coil designs allow it to crank all the way up to 130W and 140W respectively. This allows for maximum power and amazing cloud production coupled with amazing flavor.

The 5ml Tank capacity speaks for itself. We use the rule of about 1-1.5ml a day unless you are a heavy vaper in which you'll burn through 2 or more ml on a daily basis. So with that logic, you should be set for at least a couple of days with this massive 2ml tank capacity.

Stainless steel is a go-to material for vapers. It offers that durable yet beautiful design that vapers love. Interlock that with the 510 connection threads and this atomizer will fit nearly all vaping mods.

The coil heads are just an amazing plus. The ability to switch between all these different types of coils to find your sweet spot makes this device one of a kind. The air intake slots allow for more control and better performance from your device. Be sure to try them at all types of settings to find exactly where you like to vape.

Coils Option and Wattage/TC Compatibility:

  • TF-Q4 (Quadruple Sub-Ohm Coil): 0.15ohm
  • TF-T3 (Triple Sub-Ohm Coil): 0.20ohm
  • TF-R1 (Single RBA Coil): 0.85ohm
  • TF-R2 (Dual RBA Coil): 0.25ohm
  • TF-CLP2 (Clapton Dual Coil Head): 0.35ohm, 30~90W
  • TF-S6 (Sextuple Coil Head): 0.4ohm, 30~100W
  • TF-RCA (Rebuildable Clapton Coil Head)
  • TF-Ti (Titanium Dual Coil Head): 0.33ohm, 450-600F
  • TF-N2 (Ni200 Dual Coil Head): 0.12ohm, 420-600F
  • TF-N2 Air (with Two More Air Holes): 0.12ohm, 420-600F
  • TF-T2 (Higher Resistance Dual Coil Head): 1.5ohm, 20~45W
  • TF-T2 Air (with Two More Air Holes): 1.5ohm, 20~45W
  • TF-STC2 (Stainless Steel with Clapton Coil Prebuilt): 0.25ohm, 350-550F, 40~70W

The list used from Elementvape.


Now we have already talked about so many amazing features that the SMOK TFV4 tank has to offer but let's go ahead and list out so of the most noticeable Pros.

  • Amazing performance device
  • Can use your favorite e-liquids
  • 5ml tank capacity
  • Can use with or without nicotine
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Extremely adaptable/many coil setups
  • Amazing cloud production
  • Has exceptional flavor production
  • Amazing power
  • Air slots which allow for maximum control over all aspects of vaping


  • As with anything in life, there are bound to be a few drawbacks. We had to search and think really hard but this is what we came up with for the SMOK TFV4 tank.
  • Can leak if it not properly set up
  • Requires a fair amount of technical knowledge to ensure proper setup
  • You must know which devices this is compatible with.

Final Words

All in all, this is an amazing device that is meant for more experienced vapers yet a careful beginner willing to take their time and learn the product can find this product to be their go-to tank. This tank has the capability to carry many different coils and be used in many different devices. With its amazing flavor production and cloud production, the SMOK TFV4 tank is second to none when it comes to performance. We rate this product a 9.8/10 as it is one of the best and most reliable mini-sub ohm atomizers on the market today. Be sure to check out the SMOK TFV12 Prince atomizer as it is as impressive and don't forget to pair these atomizers with some amazing e-liquids sold here at ProVapor. And as always happy vaping from the ProVapor family.


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