SMOK X-Priv Product Review

In this article the Provapor team reviews and discusses SMOKS X-Priv MOD, and provides readers with more information on the kit in general.

The SMOK X Priv Kit is one of the most technologically advanced, well built, and outstanding performing vapes on the market. SMOK has a specific product line called the "Priv". They have the G-Priv, The H-Priv, the T-Priv, however, we here at ProVapor can't wait to disclose what we have learned from a specific product. SMOK'S new X-Priv! If you are interested in the SMOK X Priv Kit but want to learn more about it, you've come to the right place! Welcome to ProVapor.

What Is The SMOK X Priv?

SMOK, one of the most well-known companies in the vaping community, has created another amazing product. This product is called the SMOK X Priv Kit. The SMOK X Priv is a MOD that users can purchase for a more friendlier vaping experience. A complete detailed design, with complex yet easy to learn features, this MOD provides the user with an incredible cloud production, and great tasting flavor as well. Along with a max wattage of 225, and a huge touch to make everything even more beautiful and easy, this MOD, the SMOK X Priv, is one of the best purchases you could ever make.

A SMOK X Priv Kit vaping device and all the components on a brown wooden table with a wooden background.

How To Use The SMOK X-Priv?

The SMOK X Priv Kit comes with a SMOK TFV12 Prince Atomizer. For those who don't know what an atomizer is made sure to check out our article, What Is An Atomizer? on our website!

Once you have the SMOK X Priv Kit, you're ready for action. Open the product, obviously, and screw in the atomizer. You can screw it on top of the device. Once you have done that, you can now put the e-juice of your choice into the atomizer. In order to fill the atomizer, open the top of the atomizer, by clicking the little button located on the side of the head of the tank. Once you press it, push down, and twist away. There will then be two ports, make sure you place the tip of your e-juice into the port shaped like a curve and squeeze to the desired amount.

A vaping device and vapor producing device instruction sheet located on a white background.

Five clicks are all it needs to be turned on, which can be located by the big button located to the right of the device. This button is also the button that fires the device or lights the juice up. Located at the bottom left are two buttons that adjust the wattage on the device. Device what you want your wattage is, and you're ready to go!

In order to charge the device, there is a USB port that can be found at the bottom of the device. All you need to do is use a standard android charger, plug it into a wall charger and it will charge. We recommend the Liitokala 18650 batteries for this device. They are powerful, and rechargeable as well.

Specifications of the SMOK X Priv kit

The SMOK X Priv kit comes with the X Priv MOD, a TFV12 Prince tank, USB charger cable, two coils just in case one burns, a replacement glass tube for the atomizer, and spare parts for the MOD.

  • It has a height of 88mm.
  • A width of 46.5mm. And it has
  • A power range from 1 watt to 225 watts,
  • With an output voltage from 0.5 volts to 0.9 volts. One of the unique features of this device is the
  • It has a 2 inch HD screen.

The TFV12 Prince tank has an 8ml sized capacity, along with an adjustable airflow system that allows the user to customize the pull from the device when inhaling the vapor. Though the SMOK X Priv Kit is very well made, we suggest that you be careful. It will take damage if dropped, so we recommend you purchase a body cover for the device. In order to protect the tank, there are bands that go around the glass part of the tank. Place those on the tank, as many as you want. This will help prevent the glass from cracking or breaking just in case you happen to drop it.


  • The SMOK X Priv is a beautiful looking MOD
  • Great build quality
  • It has a vibrant, colorful screen
  • Great vapor production
  • The TFV12 Prince tank is beautiful
  • Great flavor production
  • Great cloud production
  • Can use with or without nicotine


  • Some finishes of this product are a mirror, which is a fingerprint magnet
  • The screen may be a little too big for some individuals

Final Words

Overall, the SMOK X Priv Kit is an incredible kit. Coming with a 2inch HD screen, 225 wattage beast inside, as well as a TFV12 tank, this kit will definitely provide you with a better vaping experience. We here ProVapor rates this product an 8.5/10. The SMOK X Priv is a reliable, sturdy, well-powered device, and we here at ProVapor hope we answered all your questions.


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