STIGPod Flavors: Which ones are the Best

Learn everything you need to know about stigpod flavors. We cover what StigPods are, how they operate and more. Here we inform you which StigPod flavors we recommend and why.
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Stigpod vape has hit the market and made a huge splash. With their amazing assortment of flavors and easy to use devices, they have made vaping fun and enjoyable for everyone. We have taken a moment to try out all of their flavors and rank a few of their top sellers and what we here at ProVapor felt were the best.

What is a StigPod

As an alternative to cigarettes, the StigPod is an all in one disposable device that brings the best in vaping into one device. The small and lightweight design of the StigPod makes it the perfect device for those who like a bit of discretion. Being easy to carry and hide is just the tip of the iceberg. The StigPod is also designed to be a simple and easy alternative to smoking, where even those with no prior experience ill have no trouble using.

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One of the StigPods main focuses is to those new to vaping. Thus the company has removed most of the features that generally come with the standard vaping device. From the charging port to even the buttons, StigPods are made to be disposable with an already precharged battery and e-liquid container. To activate the device, all that’s needed is for the user to draw from it, making the perfect cloud. Even with the simplicity of this device, it still comes with a variety of flavors for the user to choose from. All these devices come prefilled with 1.2ml of SaltNic’s nicotine blended formula. We at ProVapor recommend you try these three; Tropical Mango, Mighty Mint, and Lush Ice.

Tropical Mango

If you love the taste of mango and anything tropical, then this is the flavor for you. With Tropical Mango, you get to rediscover everything you’ve ever loved about mango. With its irresistible mango and hints of delicious coconut, Tropical Mango gives a whole new meaning to the word tropical.

Mighty Mint

Mighty Mint is just how the name describes it. This e-liquid delivers a mighty blast of spearmint flavor that Electric Tobacconist describes it so invigorating that it will send chills up your spine. We here at ProVapor have to agree with this assessment. For as little as STIG’s are they have mastered packing in the taste. Mighty Mint gives you a mint flavor, which is slightly sweet but still delivers that icy kick that you’d want from any mint-flavored e-juice.

Lush Ice

For those who enjoy vaping with a bit of an icy feel, Lush Ice might be perfect for you. Lush Ice takes the sweetness of watermelon and invigorates it with the refreshing blast of menthol. This combination gives you a sweet yet icy hit that you are sure to enjoy.

ProVapor STIG Selection

ProVapor is now offering STIG’s we are starting off with the three flavors listed above but as we expand so will our line of STIG’s. Make sure you are on the lookout in the next couple of days for STIG’s to appear on our website. They are beyond amazing and if you love an easy to use vaping device then this is perfect for you. Easier than even the JUUL to use so this makes it the perfect device for beginners. Get yours now.

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