Suorin Drop Kit Product Review

A complete overview of the Suorin Drop Starter Kit. In this post, you'll learn all about the product specifications, how to use it, the pros and cons and more. You'll be able to see just why this is the perfect kit for you and all your vaping needs.
Suorin Drop Kit Product Review with overlay of product specifications.

The Suorin drop kit, a truly amazing device that fits in the palm of your hand. With all the power you need in a pocket-sized vape who needs anything else. Sleek design, amazing performance, and extremely affordable the Suorin Drop Starter Kit are making a splash in the market. Let’s dive right into some of what makes the Suorin Drop Starter Kit one of the best new vaping kits.

What is the Suorin Drop Kit

It is a palm sized vaping device meant for people who are on the go. You can slip it into your pocket or bag and forget it’s even there. Extremely sleek and powerful the Sourin Drop makes for a perfect starter kit. While providing amazing power it offers the feel of a much larger device all while being no bigger than a small index card. It runs on an open pod system meaning that you can fill it up with your favorite ejuice. Add this with an amazing throat hit from the dual wicking atomizer system and ultra reliable coil system and you have yourself one of the best products on the market.

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How to Use the Suorin Drop Starter Kit

Using the Suorin Drop kit is extremely easy In just a few quick steps you can go from just getting your device to vaping.

  1. The first step to using the device will be to charge it. To charge the device you plug the USB cable into the bottom of the device. If you see a flashing blue light then the device is charging. When the light stops flashing, the Device is fully charged.
  2. Fill the pod with e-liquid.
  3. To fill the pod, slide the pod out of the device. Now, when you take out the pod, you will see two rubber parts on the pod cartridge. Pull out the rubber parts and you will see the fill port. Pour e-juice until you see the level reach the fill line.
  4. Snap the pod back into place in the device.
  5. Wait at least 10 minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate the atomizer.
  6. The Suorin Drop is automatically activated. It will detect when you are taking a puff and fire the atomizer. There are no buttons to push, and you don’t have to turn it off and on.
  7. When you take a puff, the light will turn blue. This means that the battery is going strong. When the battery gets to 30% charge or less, the light turns red. With this in mind, when the light goes red that means that it is time to recharge the battery.

Specifications of the Suorin Drop Kit

In order to get a complete overview of the device we must now touch upon the most important specifications. These are the things that make this device as amazing as it is. From the massive power to the amazing design these are some of its most impressive specifications.

The Multi-color options and the Elegant Drop shaped design make this device one of a kind. As you can tell by now the name comes from its water droplet shaped design. No one has seen anything quite like this. Yes there are some similar designs but none seem to match the elegance of Suorin. To take it a step further Suorin has also built their device with durability in mind. Let’s be honest we all accidentally drop our device from time to time. The Suorin Drop has stood up to some pretty harsh falls and comes out unscathed. Remarkable quality for such an affordable device.

The Suorin Drop Kit also comes with a 310mah battery which provides amazing power and amazing battery life. The device is meant to last the whole day but should you find yourself needing a recharge you can recharge the device in only 45 minutes back to full power. The amazing coil structure allows for some amazing throat hits all while making sure your e-juice taste amazing.

It is also important to note the the Suorin Drop is a draw-activated vaping device. Meaning all you have to do is breath and the device will automatically fire up. This makes it perfect for people just learning how to vape. It is also equipped with a LED indicator to show you exactly where you are on battery life and device performance.

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The Suorin Drop Starter Kit is jam packed with a bunch of features but a few stand out. Those features are what will be showcased in the Pros section of this article.

  • Affordable
  • 2ml capacity
  • Amazing Starter Kit
  • Extremely powerful for its size
  • Elegant design
  • Can use with an without nicotine (salts and other types of nicotine)
  • Direct Voltage Mechanism


As with everything in life there are some drawbacks to even the best of things. Here is what we don’t like so much about the Suorin Drop.

  • Needs specific PG/VG ratios: 60VG/40PG and 70VG/30PG
  • Takes a while to get to full charge
  • Can be easy to lose track of
  • Issue with plugs not being evened out.

Final Words

In conclusion the Suorin Drop has proven itself to be one of the most amazing devices on today’s market. This vape has proven itself to be very powerful, very reliable, very sturdy, and overall a fantastic buy. We here at Provapor rate this device a 9/10. If you are looking for a instant nicotine buzz without the hassle of carrying a huge MOD, and want a discreet, sleek, well built device the Suorin Drop is the one for you.


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