Teen Vaping Epidemic: The Latest Reports on Who is Vaping

A comprehensive overview of teen vaping and other vaping trends in recent year. After reading this post, you'll learn about how teen vaping has increased. As well as reasons why people vape.

Vaping has been a sensation rising in popularity quickly over the last few years. Based on a survey conducted 1 in every 20 adults use e-cigarettes or other vaping devices. The difference between using a vaping device when compared to a traditional cigarette is that the absence of tobacco. When using a vaping device, one will be breathing in and out aerosol, which contains fine particles. These fine particles have been shown to have toxic chemicals. If you'd like to look further into the dangers of these particles, then take a look at 6 reasons to stop vaping. Adults aren't the only people vaping though, teen vaping has become increasingly popular as well.

Who's Vaping: Teen Vaping

Vaping is something that shouldn't be used by individuals under the age of 18. Although teen vaping is within the legal age limit (18+), it is still not recommended to begin vaping until the brain is fully developed. The reason teen vaping isn't recommended is due to how vaping effects the development of the brain and the addiction center. It also poses many other threats to developing minds which is covered in the Parents Guide to Vaping.

The amount of vapors among teen has hit a considerable increase, with a reported 37 percent of seniors in high school admitting to using a vaping device in the last 12 months. Sophomores in high school had approximately 32 percent of students using vaping devices. And what is probably the most shocking is that roughly teen vaping begins as early as middle school, with 17.6 percent of 8th graders admitting to using a vaping device.

teen vaping chart showing percentage of vapers for 8th, 10th and 12th grade

Vaping Trends

Vaping has only grown in today's society and has shown no decrease in the amount of potential for future usage. As of early 2019, approximately 9 million adults use vaping device's, a majority of which are under the age of 35. This is a significant decrease from mid-2018, where a reported 10.8 million adults were reported using vaping device's. However, this doesn't mean the popularity in and of itself has declined.

In the upcoming years, if vaping trends continue, we will see teens as young as middle school becoming the future vape users. This is because of the ever-growing popularity of vaping in the younger generations. Among high school students altogether from 2018 to 2019, there was an increase from roughly 21 percent of high school teen vaping to approximately 32 percent. Middle school teen vaping also show a significant increase from 4.9 percent in 2018 to roughly 8 percent in 2019.

So although Vaping trends have taken a slight decline in adults, it's taking a significant increase in teens. The future of vaping does show promise for growth in future generations. Although since the future of vaping is coming from the younger generation, it is recommended to read about future ramifications of early vaping reading about the five most negative effects of vaping.

Who is Vaping: Gender Traits

Everyone has their reasons to vape and how they like to vape. Statistically, there are trends why men and women choose to pick up vaping. Adult men have most commonly reportedly picked up vaping to help quit smoking and because they became curious to try them. Woman, on the other hand, most often picked up vaping due to recommendations from family or friends. Men continue the use of vaping device's because they like the flavors of e-liquids and believed it helped reduce tradition cigarette use, whereas woman continues to deal with stress and mood control. As for younger teen vaping, the reason a majority began using vaping device's was from peer recommendation. Teens are most likely to continue the use of vaping to get a nicotine fix that the developing brain develops a dependency.


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