Cigarettes to Quit E-Cigs Are you Serious?

Learn some of the most ridicolus reasons people are quiting vaping. In particular why people are chosing to use Cigarettes in order to quit vaping.

As crazy as it may sound, there are people using cigarettes to quit e-cigs. Some people claim that vaping is worse for you than smoking and have decided to make the switch. Well here is our take on the matter, first off these people should do a bit more research before making the switch and secondly if anything this story should be the other way around. Let’s take a look at this in more detail and examine a man’s journey using cigarettes to get away from vaping.

Cigarettes to Quit E-Cigs? What!

A man by the name of Andrew Bunns has been trying to quit vaping for years. To quit vaping he began smoking cigarettes. According to The Beaverton, Bunns states that “The problem with vaping is that you’re addicted to the nicotine, but it comes with all these weird, disgusting chemicals.” Following his last statement, he proceeds by grabbing a pack of Marlboro Gold and saying, “Nothing in these except tobacco, tar, and hydrogen cyanide.”

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Dangers of Smoking Cigarettes

Let’s start by explaining that cigarettes contain much more than just three ingredients. According to the American Lung Association, there are approximately 600 different ingredients in each cigarette. When burned, they create more than 7,000 chemicals, and at least 69 are known to cause cancer, and many are toxic. Like Andrew, Bunns said one of these chemicals is Hydrogen Cyanide. Hydrogen Cyanide is a colorless, poisonous gas, used as a genocide agent during World War Two. Nowadays it’s used to make paper, textiles, plastics, and pesticides for small rodents. Although not classified as a carcinogen, it does pose health problems of those inhaling the smoke.

Smoking cigarettes harms nearly every organ in the body and causes many different diseases. Smoking reduces the general health of everyone in contact with its fumes. As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the CDC, Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S., which claims more than 480,000 lives each year. That means one in every five deaths is related to smoking.

Why E-cigs?

Contrary to popular belief, e-cigs are much safer than the traditional cigarette. On average, the e-liquid contains a handful of chemicals compared to cigarettes. Polypropylene glycol, glycerin, alcohol, and the added flavor are the main ingredients used in vaping devices. Polypropylene glycol and glycerin are generally harmless while the added alcohol is consumed inside the device to provided a faster burn for the rest of the liquid. E-cigs are meant to have the same feel as a cigarette without the harmful smoke that comes with it. With a variable amount of nicotine, one could use it to help quit smoking by reducing the nicotine concentration bit by bit. So using Cigarettes to quit e-cigs is very counter intuitive. Overall e-cigs are a safer form of smoking than the traditional cigarette. So using cigarettes to stop vaping is just taking a step backward to a more unhealthy path.


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