Vaping to Quit Smoking

This article is an in-depth look at how you can use vaping to quit smoking. We describe how the Smok Vape Pen 22 can be used as an aid to stop using cigarettes. Looking at expert testimonials we are able to conclude that when used properly vaping can help one quit smoking.
Vaping to Quit Smoking

Much talk about vaping to quit smoking has been hitting the news. With all this information it can be difficult to sort through all of it. We here at ProVapor have put together a guide on how vaping can be used to quit smoking. First, we must examine if there is even any merit behind the claim that vaping can help quit smoking. By examining research and professional testimonies we are able to look at just how vaping can help people quit smoking. Take a look here if you want to know more about vaping vs smoking or who invented vaping.

Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking

Vaping as a cessation device for smoking in all honestly has not been thoroughly studied. There are conflicting claims on the internet about its worth. Vaping if used in the right way can help people smoking. At least that is the view here at ProVapor. By using the correct nicotine amounts and weaning yourself off nicotine, vaping can help one quit smoking. Vaping to quit smoking is not as simple as it seems. There are many technicalities that must first be explained and understood before deciding on vaping as a method to quit smoking.

The first is what do you consider quitting. If you wish to stop smoking cigarettes vaping can be an amazing tool. If you wish to stop smoking in general vaping may not be the route to go. Cigarettes and other tobacco filled products have an array of health concerns. Now that is not to say that vaping has none, but there are far less. The issue with using vaping to quit smoking, in general, is that the sensation is still there. Vaping provides the same sensation and has nicotine levels that match that of smoking. Vaping can be an amazing tool for people who simply wish to stop smoking cigarettes. For people who wish to remove the tar and tobacco out of the equation. For this article, we will focus on quitting cigarettes.

Facts on Vaping to Quit Smoking

According to one leading study “, 90 percent of smokers who vaped at the beginning of the study were still smoking one year later.” Now one may look at this and say well 90% is terrible. But that’s still 10% of people who were able to quit smoking. This was 10% of people who were able to completely stop smoking. It is also important to note that it was not tracked how often these people vaped. They may not have been vaping every day which could have lead to them falling back to smoking. Had more effort been put into making sure these subjects vaped everytime an urge was felt the 10% could have doubled or tripled.

Now as promised that is not the group we will be focusing on. Vaping’s true power comes from its ability to help people get off of cigarettes. Most people by know understand the danger of cigarettes and just why they should want to stop smoking them. While the risks of vaping of still not well understood, from preliminary research the consensus is that they are less than that of smoking.

Previous studies have shown that vaping can help decrease the urge to smoke significantly in a three month period. While this may be too short a time to tell if it can truly help, it is a step forward.

Vaping to Quit Smoking

Now if you have decided that you wish to stop smoking cigarettes and you wish to do so with the help of a vaping device we have helped devise a plan. Before we continue it is important to note that these are the opinions of ProVapor. Through research and testimonies, we feel as if this is the best way to stop smoking cigarettes using vaping.

When you decide to use vaping to quit smoking keep in mind that this is not the best method to stop smoking in general. It is a powerful tool to help you stop using cigarettes but may not be the best way to completely stop smoking. With that being said there are far fewer dangers associated with vaping than there are with traditional cigarettes.

When you make the switch to vaping it may be overwhelming to know which kit to start off with. While we have many starter kits listed on our site if you are planning to use it to quit vaping we suggest something simple and easy to use. The Smok Vape Pen 22 is the perfect device to help you quit cigarettes. The vape pen has an easy to use one button design perfect for first-time vapers. The pen comes with everything you need to vape and has enough tank capacity that you don’t need to worry about running out of juice. Amazing battery life, a 2ml tank, and simple to use design make this the perfect kit for people wishing to quit cigarettes. If you wish to have a bit fancier of a model take a look at our guide on the best vaping kits here.

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Using the SMOK Vape Pen 22 to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Now let’s first get an understanding of what cigarettes use to make you addicted. Nicotine. This one chemical is responsible for the strong addiction and craving you get from cigarettes. Nicotine is known to cause birth defects and more so it is only one of the major problems in cigarettes. Many vaping liquids come with high concentrations of nicotine but luckily many brands offer 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg options.

When you initially try to quit cigarettes we suggest using the 3mg option. Once you are comfortable using this option we suggest using a DIY kit to drop the concentration even lower. This kit will allow you to vape lower and lower doses of nicotine until you can completely become independent from it. We suggest a gradual lowering over the course of months. Perhaps even up to a year, so that your body can handle the gradual change. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances in the world so it must be treated with care. We do suggest consulting with a licensed professional before trying any program to quit cigarettes. But if you wish to tackle this issue head on this may be the best tactic for you.

Remember slow and steady wins the race and this is especially true for vaping to quit smoking. By giving your body time to adjust to the change there is a much better chance that you will be able to stop craving nicotine. Once the craving has subsided there is even a higher chance that you will be able to stop smoking altogether.

Expert Testimonial

We will leave you with this, a few key statements from Chris Bostic, who is the deputy director for policy at Action on Smoking & Health (ASH).

ASH has yet to take a definitive stand on e-cigarettes, but Bostic says he personally recommends vaping as a cessation tool.

“On a personal level, any individual, I’d recommend, yes of course, if you can’t quit any other way, then use e-cigarettes,” he said. “But of course, most people, studies show, aren’t doing that. And most people will be using e-cigarettes who were smokers before and are also continuing to smoke cigarettes, so there is no positive health impact that way because cigarettes do the damage on health very early on.”

“We are worried that continued rancor within the public health community over electronic cigarettes is actually slowing our approach to getting rid of the thing that’s killing everybody, which is combustible tobacco,” Bostic said.

These remarks from Bostic can shed some light on the whole topic. It is important for us to understand just how dangerous traditional tobacco based cigarettes are. Bostic truly believes that vaping devices can help people stop smoking. By using electronic cigarettes (vaping devices) you give yourself a way to distance yourself from cigarettes. And used very carefully and with thoughtful planning the can even help you stop using nicotine.


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    Well written article on how someone can use vaping to quit smoking. The only thing I can suggest is to distinguish between MTL ( mouth to lung ) and DTL ( direct to lung ) smoking styles. I was a 35 pack a day smoker that was a MTL smoker. Using a DTL device was not for me. The amount of vape and hotter vape was very uncomfortable for me to get use to. I personally quit smoking using a MTL device and used a higher 35mg nic salt with the device. Standard 3 – 6 mg ejuice did not give me the nicotine that my body craved and I found myself still smoking and vaping. When I switched over to the nic salt’s I finally was able to get the nicotine my body craved and the throat hit that made it more like smoking. As the article states, I gradually weaned my self to lower nic salts ( 35 – 25- 20 ) over the coarse of four month’s. I then switched over to regular e juice liquids with 18mg, 12mg, 9 mg over the coarse of a few more month’s. I currently using 3 and 6mg ejuice to only vape when I need to. It’s been 10 month’s since I’ve smoked a cigarette and do not miss it one bit. After I’m done with my current 6 mg bottle, I’m going to purchase a 0mg juice and keep using the 3 mg bottle as needed until it’s finished.

    Also recommend to either have a back up device or an extra battery as your quitting. These should help you out from buying a pack and falling back into the habit. Research different device and try different e-juices until you find a favor(s) that you like. Alway’s have some spare coils as they don’t last forever. Best of luck in your journey to quit smoking.

    1. Avatar

      Thanks, Dan for your comment. It was super informative and we loved hearing it from someone who has used vaping first hand to quit smoking. We will be sure to add MTL and DTL smoking in this article. We might even make a whole article dedicated to the difference between these two vaping styles and how they can help you quit smoking. Once again thanks for your comment.

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