Vaping Vs Smoking

Key benefits of vaping vs smoking is what we will be taking a look at here. This article will touch upon some basic health benefits of vaping compared to smoking, being burnt, and more.
Vaping Vs Smoking

Vaping vs smoking. This debate is coming up more and more as we venture into the future. The verdict is out on smoking, and it’s not looking good. While vaping is in its infancy and many studies have yet to show conclusive data, it’s already looking better than smoking. In this article, we will discuss the main differences between vaping and smoking and just why you should stay away from smoking. Note that many of the studies about vaping are new and more data is being compiled every day. No one can say with absolute certainty that vaping is good or bad for you. Frankly, there is not enough evidence to point in either direction. In vaping vs smoking we will take a un-opinionated look into the facts about vaping and smoking.

Now as for the things we can say for sure is that vaping is cheaper, offers more options, and doesn’t leave ash around as smoking does. Vaping may not be the “cure-all” for smoking but it certainly is a step in the right direction. Even if studies come out claiming that toxins are found in vaping they are far less than in smoking. Vaping also offers the option of a no-nicotine e-liquid. Nicotine is highly addictive and a chemical that can be dangerous if not used carefully. But we will go more into that later, for now, let’s tackle some of the lighter issues that vaping vs smoking presents us.

No Bad Smell

When comparing E-cigarettes or vaping devices to traditional cigarettes there is no debate on the smell. Traditional cigarettes use tar and therefore that is what you smell. That is why it is so recognizable when people are smoking nearby. A strong scent of tar will blow by your nose. Even menthol cigarettes release an unpleasant smell. People generally don’t like the smell of cigarettes and tend to stay clear from people who are smoking. When smoking this tar also tends to stick to your clothes making the smell linger. No one wants to be left smelling like cigarettes even after they are done. It is a cloud of cigarette smoke that follows you everywhere you go.

Now compare this to vaping and it is night and day. While it is true that some e-liquids smell like nothing, or have a very light smell other actually smell like fruit. Watermelon flavors typically smell like watermelon and cherry like cherry. With vaping, you can get these much more pleasant flavors and smells. Overall it brings a more pleasant experience to vaping and often times people don’t mind smelling these sweeter smells. Another plus of vaping is the fact that the smell does not stick around. Vaping’s two main base ingredients are PG and VG. These ingredients don’t stick around. They are ingredients that can be found in foods and are considered “food safe” by the FDA. These ingredients break down far easier and don’t stick to the clothing your wearing. So once you’re done vaping you don’t need to worry about the smell sticking around.

No Dirty Ashtrays

As we continue along the vaping vs smoking debate another main benefit of vaping comes simply from the cleanup process. Many times your vaping device will need a simple e-liquid refill or if using a device such as Abay or Juul you toss out the cap and plug a new one in. That’s it when it comes to vaping, no ash, no mess, no cleanup.

Traditional Cigarettes, on the other hand, are messy by their very nature. By burning they naturally release ash. This ash can burn at times, cause fires if not put out correctly and burn holes in your clothes. Now obviously this doesn’t happen all the time but it can. With vaping, there is no risk of this since there is no ash in the first place. Traditional cigarettes cause you to use an ashtray that must be picked up from time to time. An ashtray of complied trash from the cigarette.

Overall, it is night and day when looking at the cleanup process and the amount of trash/ash left over by vaping and smoking. Vaping is next to nothing, at most a pod, and smoking leaves piles of ash that collect in an ashtray.

Variety of E-Liquid Flavors

Arguably the best benefit of vaping compared to smoking is the number of flavors there are. Essentially, there is an unlimited amount of flavor combinations that you can get from vaping. Besides buying the most popular brands you can also purchase kits to make your own at home. When smoking the options are limited and not all that great. Menthol cigarettes often times are seen to be a bit better tasting but when compared to vaping the difference is night and day. Vaping offers flavor and taste that just cannot be matched.

ProVapor will be offering there own line if e-liquids soon after we launch, but before this, we have partnered with Vapecraft and are bringing you guys some of their more popular flavors. These flavors range from Cherry to Blueberry Custard and more. Be sure to take a look especially if you decide to buy a product that doesn’t come with its own pods. Most devices have a refillable tank, that must be filled with their own liquid.

Flexibility is what you’ll get with vaping. Nearly everything on a vaping device is modifiable and the liquids are no different. Nicotine selection is one of the main benefits of vaping. Many brands will offer a 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg solution of nicotine in their products. This will be useful for people hoping to wean off of traditional cigarettes. Or perhaps you don’t even want nicotine. Maybe you vape for the flavor or for the amazing tricks you can do and nicotine isn’t something you want. The options are all there for you.

Helps Quit Smoking

As mentioned before the nicotine levels vary in many e-liquids. When smoking a traditional cigarette you don’t really get a choice. You have to live with whatever amount of nicotine is in the cigarette. Without nicotine cigarettes would be far easier to quick. Fortunately vaping has come up with a solution to help people slowly get off of nicotine. By choosing an option with the only 3mg of nicotine it allows you to vape less nicotine. If you chose to make your own e-liquid this can even be reduced more and more.

The feel will be similar, the taste better or the same if you wish, and the nicotine amount can be varied. For all these reasons it is plausible to use vaping as a way to quit cigarettes and smoking overall. The sensation of the two can nearly be matched hand in hand, the only difference is that vaping gives you that control you need. More control equates to a higher chance of quitting.

Quitting is as much a game of the mind as it is physical. You need to be prepared to quit and be willing to accept things that can help you. Smoking has also become a smaller community in recent years while vaping has had the opposite effect on its community. With more people in your community, you have more people to reach out to and read about similar stories. People who have gone what you are going through and can help you quit. Vaping offers so much more flexibility and a way for people to change old habits. Major support systems are already in place for people looking to quit, but having another option never hurts and vaping can be that option.

More Cost Effective Than Smoking

Vaping many times is seen as too expensive or just not worth it. This is the biggest lie out there about vaping when you compare it to your traditional cigarette. While it is true that vaping has the higher initial cost, in the long run, smoking by far is more expensive. In many studies, it has been shown that smoking can cost a person more than $1,000 a year as compared to vaping. With vaping, the e-liquid is cheaper, last longer, and can be more easily controlled than a cigarette. Factoring all this in it is clear to see why you can save $1,000’s over your lifetime by making the switch from smoking to vaping.

Another benefit of vaping vs smoking is pricing. Many times specials are run that lower the price of the items you want. Compare this to cigarettes and you see the price remains relatively static or increases as time passes. When you’re a pack a day smoker those $6 packs can easily add up to $2,190 a year. Vaping, on the other hand, will cost you around $1,000 a year vaping the same amount.

No Cigarette Burns

Lastly, as mentioned before there are no burns when you vape. While it is true that the coil can get hot this often will not burn you. If you are vaping responsibly and remaining in the parameters of your vaping device you do not need to worry about getting burnt. Smoking on the other hand actually can drop hot ash on you and burn you or if you touch the burning end you will obviously be burnt. Since the burning in the vaping device occurs in the tank (atomizer/coil) section you have no fear in being burnt. You are protected in vaping while smoking can put you in direct contact with what is burning.

Now for some people getting burnt might not even be the worst part. Perhaps, burning your clothes is what hurts the most. Putting a hole in your favorite shirt or a brand new shirt can hurt more than being burnt yourself. Also, it can be embarrassing if you are going somewhere nice and all of a sudden your shirt has a hole in it. Of course, the smell might be enough to deter some people from even interacting with you but I can guarantee a hole in your shirt won’t help.

Vaping Vs Smoking

Vaping is not a cure-all to smoking, but when used responsibly it allows people to have a great time and can even be used to stop smoking. So when we compare vaping vs smoking we see that there is truly no competition. In the end, vaping prevails. We hope this article on vaping vs smoking has shed some light on the subject. Please feel free to add to the discussion on any of our social media platforms.


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