What are Pods? The Miraculous Role They Play in Vaping

An in-depth look at pods and the critical role that they play in vaping. By looking at just what they do and how they compare to tanks, you will have a better understanding of just how pods are used. Arguably one of the most essential pieces in vaping. Without a pod, many of our devices wouldn't work.

So just what are pods. A pod is typically a device that carries some substance in it. We have all heard of space shuttle pods and even pods of peas. But how do they relate to vaping. Using them can be some of the easiest and quickest ways to vape out there. Pods contain the e-juice that we use to vape. This can be seen in the ultra-popular Juul and up and coming pod-based devices such as the STIG, ABAY, and ZBGO. All of these devices use pods, although they don’t all use them the same. For some quick insight into just how they use their pods, check out this comparison between those devices.

What are Pods? Abay

What are Pods? Pods Vs. Tanks

So to make this as simple as possible, we will only boil this down to the essential elements, so you know the difference between a pod and a tank. A pod is a straightforward device that you plug into the mod, and you can start vaping right away. Like we said earlier, think of Juul and just how they use their pod-based device. Quick simple and easy is what Juul is known for. The drawback here is that the nicotine amount is set (typically around 5%) and you can only use the flavors that Juul provides you with. This is a typical drawback in most pod-based Vaping device. The ZBGO does eliminate this issue, giving you the ability to fill your pod with whatever e-juice you like.

Now when talking about tanks, they can be a bit more complicated. With fancy verbiages such as coils, atomizer, heating elements, and more. But for the sake of this article, we will only be describing the primary purpose of the tank. The tank, in many ways, functions precisely the same as the pod. It is responsible for holding the e-juice, but unlike most pods, it doesn’t come pre-filled and requires a bit more care. Tanks are usually a bit bigger and allow you to hold more e-juice, so you have the flexibility of going longer without having to refill your tank or change your pod. A tank you fill up, pop into the primary device and you can vape, so in reality, it is similar to a pod but offers a bit more flexibility.

In the end, it just depends on which device you prefer to vape with. Small pocket sized vapes often use a smaller pod while larger mods such as the SMOK ALIEN use larger tanks.

Pros Vs. Cons of a Pod

While we have already covered the basics of the pod lets go ahead and list out some of the pros and cons for this type of vaping style.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes Pre-filled (also a con)
  • Simply snap in a new pod, and you are vaping
  • Never worry about burnt coils
  • The easiest way to vape
  • Small and easy to carry around extra pods


  • Doesn’t generally offer a lot of flexibility
  • Comes Pre-filled (also a benefit)
  • Doesn’t have the appearance of a tank
  • Easier to lose

Why Should You Use Pods Instead of a Tank

When looking at what are pods we can see that it is clear who they are meant for. Pods are perfect if you are always on the move or if you need a smaller device to carry around. They are used in devices such as the ABAY, Juul, and more so it is clear to see the vaping style that pods present. They are for the person who wants a device with them, and it’s easy to use and extremely portable. While it is true that devices that use pods are often easier than the large mods, this is not necessarily a drawback. If you’re not a cloud chaser and want to use a device for your enjoyment, then a pod can be perfect for you.

What are the Most Popular Devices for Pods

It wouldn’t be right to have an article talking about pods, and we don’t give a list of some of the best devices that use pods. So here is our list at ProVapor.

ABAY- A new up and coming device that is set to take the vaping market by storm. Very similar to the Juul, except it is more powerful and offers a larger pod, so you don’t have to switch out pods as often as the Juul.

Juul- A mega-popular vaping device that has taken the vaping world by storm. Extremely elegant and beautiful, the Juul has everything you need in a vaping device. You get the functionality with a classic look.

ZBGO- This is the strongest out of the Pod-based devices that we will be listing. It is also the most flexible. It doesn’t come pre-filled, so this gives you the option to fill it with whatever e-juice you’d like. This also lets you control everything from flavor to nicotine content.

SMOK Infinix- Another simple and easy to use device. While it may not be as popular as the others, it will certainly get the job done.

Comparison Abay and ZBGO

Final Words

So now that we know precisely what are pods and we see just how beneficial they can be to the vaping world. They offer ease of use and give the user a worry-free way of vaping. Tanks are perfect for those larger devices, but in the world of pocket-sized vapes, that’s where pods shine. While the flexibility may be a bit limited at times, it is clear to see that the functionality and ease of use far outweigh any drawbacks. If you’re in the market for a pod-based device, we suggest you check out the ABAY or ZBGO. They offer everything and more than a JUUL offer. As always happy vaping from your ProVapor family.


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