What are StigPods Vapes and What Makes Them so Badass

StigPods is a disposable pod which is activated after the user draws from it. The pod mod is fully integrated including the battery and pod, it includes no charging port.
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StigPods have hit the market by storm, both by vape enthusiasts and those trying to quit smoking. We at ProVapor are here to give you an overview of StigPods and why there are so "badass."

What are StigPods?

The Stig is an all in one disposable pod device which is designed to be an alternative to cigarettes. The small, lightweight design lets it be stored just about anywhere helping keep it discrete if need be. The devices purpose is simplicity, and an easy alternative to smoking even for those with no prior experience in vaping. For this reason, the StigPods doesn't have any buttons, doesn't require any charging, maintenance, or filling of any kind. The pod comes packaged with an already pre-charged battery and filled with 1.2ml of SaltNic's nicotine blended e-liquid formula. Which when the device is depleted of its liquid, it can just be simply thrown away.

Stigpods, the Lush Ice Pack

How do you use a StigPod?

The Stig is made to be a simple and easy alternative to smoking that is activated when the user draws from it. The pod has no buttons, does not require any settings to be made or adjusted. It is ready to use out the box with its pre-charged battery and prefilled with 1.2ml of SaltNic's nicotine blended e-liquid formula. The Stig's mini battery will hold out until all of the e-liquid is used up. The duration of the e-liquid is very user-dependent, but according to StigPods, the pod will offer at least 270 puffs.

What comes in the pack?

The Stig is an easy and effortless way to vape and offers an incredible value. Each stig pack contains three StigPods, each with six percent nicotine concentration. The six percent makes it a good transition for those trying to quit smoking cigarettes. For every pod you receive in the pack it is the equivalent of about twenty cigarettes making each pack a replacement of sixty cigarettes in total. These packs are offered in Five different flavors which don't linger or stick to your clothes, giving you a more discrete smoke-free lifestyle.

Pros and cons

Some of the pros for StigPods would be the ability to be disposed of after there use and its learning curve. Its easy disposable pods make it very convenient for those who are constantly on the move. For some carrying around a charger and extra e-liquid can be troublesome, so a disposable e-cig is a dream come true. The Stigs learning curve makes it perfect for those who have never even tried an electronic cigarette before. The lack of buttons and settings makes it easy to use.

The Stig has some cons, and some would include the lack of variety and customization in the Stig. The pods only have one nicotine concentration, which might be problematic for those trying to quit cigarettes. For those trying to quit smoking, having one concentration might not help in alleviating the craving, nicotine is very addictive. Another con would be the customization of the Stig. Since the devices primary role was to be simple and easy to use, there's no option of replacing the e-liquid. Because of this, there are only six flavors which can be used, the ones in the pack.

Final Word

Thank you for reading our review on the STIG. ProVapor gives you our honest thoughts of the Stig and just why you should consider using it. Taking into account the simplicity and how convenient the Stig is, it is definitely something you should try. The lack of changing the liquid or charging the battery makes this device perfect for those who are always on the go with little time to spare. Like the Juul, the Stig is very easy to carry around because of its lightweight and small design, making it easy to carry for those always on the go.

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