What are the Health Risks of Vaping? Lets Take a Look

A comprehensive overview of the health risks of vaping. After reading this post, you'll understand how vaping has an impact on anxiety issues. As well as how it affects your heart and lungs.

Many health issues have been linked to vaping. More in-depth studies need to be done to show the exact effects, and vaping vs. cigarettes is still not even close. But there are some downsides to vaping. In this article, we will cover some of the more pressing issues that come with vaping. We will also cover the effects that they have on our health. These are some of the most important but not all of the significant health risks of vaping.

Are There Health Risks Associated With Vaping?

Many people wonder if there are any real health risks to vaping. Well to cut to the chase, yes some health risks can result from vaping. Some of these health risks include nicotine dependency and withdraws, accompanied by the reduction of prolonged nicotine use. Other health risks of vaping include anxiety, heart, and lung issues. There are also other major risk factors linked to nicotine and cancer growth. If you’d like to research more about this risk take a few moments to read about “nicotine’s effects on the human body”. In the following, we will be diving into specific details about these health risks.

Health Risks of Vaping and Anxiety

Anxiety is widespread among people; in fact, it affects approximately 40 million people in the United States alone. But what exactly is anxiety? Anxiety is when a person feels an overwhelming amount of fear, worry, or nervousness. So how does this tie into vaping exactly? Due to the effects of nicotine, it is possible for an individual to experience an anxiety attack. One might also suffer from anxiety when the body gets a feeling that is strange or unfamiliar.

Our bodies know when something is off, and nicotine can cause this feeling to its multiple effects. Nicotine is known to be an upper as well as a downer. Immediately upon taking a puff of your vaping device, and you’ll have a relaxed feeling. After this relaxation feeling, you will have an increased heart rate, and this is where the anxiety comes in. The sudden shift in feeling from going from relaxed to a jittery state can cause some people who suffer from an anxiety attack.

There are simple ways to combat anxiety attacks if you feel you’re going through one try to calm down and take deep breaths. Going into an almost meditative state can help relieve the anxiety momentarily. If this issue continues while vaping, we here at ProVapor recommend seeing a licensed physician for further needs.

Heart Issues

Nicotine plays almost every role in the health risks of vaping, and now we are going to touch upon how it plays a position on the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system. One of the most important things to be cautious about when vaping is that the odds of cardiovascular disease will increase. The reason this occurs is that nicotine has been shown to constrict your blood vessels. As stated previously using a vaping device also gives an increased heart rate. When constricted arteries paired with an increased heart rate makes it significantly more difficult for the heart to pump blood to the rest of the body and other organs. Due to the restriction in the blood flow, the oxygen in the blood becomes reduced. The lack of oxygen in the blood also means that the amount of oxygen given to the other organs becomes significantly reduced.

If you’d like to reduce these risks, there are some tips we suggest, such as nicotine reduction methods. There are available options to nicotine replacement or reduction methods. They include nicotine gum or patches to help sooth the need for nicotine. Another option if you find yourself becoming dependent upon nicotine use is to gradually decrease the number of puffs per day or decrease the nicotine percentage found in your favorite e-liquids.

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Lung Problems

The Lungs are the primary organ affected with vaping because of the direct inhalation of nicotine. When using a vaping device, there are ultrafine particles as well as heavy metals, including tin, lead and nickel injected into the lungs. When this happens, you will get the condition known as popcorn lungs. Popcorn lungs is an irritation of the lungs that cause coughing that will not go away, shortness of breath, wheezing, and the overall feeling of being constantly tired.

Other effects of using a vaping device is a condition know as wet lungs. Wet lungs are when fluid begin to fill the lungs, causing difficulty breathing and decreased oxygen to the blood. Which, as we mentioned previously when decreased oxygen is in the blood, it affects the rest of your organs as well. To reduce the health risks of vaping, it is highly recommended to decrease the volume at which you vape.

Health risks of vaping on the lungs showing irritations on an exoskeleton on a black background

Nicotine Addiction

As we’ve touched upon, nicotine plays a role in almost all the health risks of vaping. So many people might wonder why not just eliminate the nicotine to make vaping safer? The answer to this might not be as simple as one might think, that is because vaping was initially meant to help individuals transition from traditional cigarettes. In this sense vaping is leagues safer when compared to all the chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

Nicotine dependency can become an issue to those who choose to begin vaping for recreational use. The brains addiction center begins to depend on the feeling of nicotine. Since nicotine gives that upper and downer sensation, the body slowly relies on nicotine to relax and give it necessary energy. This is the reason why it has shown that teens who begin vaping for recreational use have an increased risk of turning to tradition cigarettes later in life, seeking a stronger nicotine fix.


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