What is an Atomizer?

What is an Atomizer gives you everything you need to know about vaping atomizers and more. This is an indepth review of all parts of an atomizer and more. We also talk about the different types of atomizers and how to know which atomizer is right for you.
What is an Atomizer?

What is an atomizer? This is one of the most commonly asked questions, especially if you are new to vaping. Taking the time to learn more about your vape device is not only critical in enjoying your vaping experience, but it's very important to understand your device's components and how each part works. The atomizer is a crucial piece of your vaporizer, without it, your device is practically useless. In order to receive a better understanding, we are here to provide you with a clear answer.

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What is an Atomizer and How to Use It?

In order to ask "What is an atomizer?" Let's first do a breakdown of all the parts and pieces of a device as a reminder or quick lesson. We can use the SMOK MAG Kit as an example (below).

  • The mouthpiece or tip: This is the part of the device that you inhale the vapor from.
  • The atomizer: This is the tank that contains the e-juice and is typically a clear glass tank attached to the MOD.
  • The MOD: This is the main unit of your vape device.
  • Firing button: This button is at the top or middle of the device. For the SMOK Mag, this button is at the top of the device.
  • OLED Screen: This is where you can see all the specifications such as wattage, number of puffs and other features.
  • UP/DOWN button: his button is right below the OLED screen and controls the wattage and other features of the device.
  • USB Port: This is where you would charge your device. The button is at the bottom of the MOD right below the OLED screen as well.
What is an atomizer? A group of devices arranged in a line with multiple colors and styles.

The definition of atomizer means a device that transforms any liquid into a "perfume" like substance, better yet a mist. When it comes to vaping the atomizer is in charge of heating up your e-juice liquids and turning them into vapor or smoke. It is that big tank that at the top of the vaping device that contains the e-juice. An atomizer uses a unit called Ohms. Ohm means that there is a unit of resistance in each atomizer, so the lower the Ohm in your atomizer the more vapor it produces, and the harder it hits. Once the atomizer is running, it heats the liquid and this is where the user inhales the vapor.

What is an Atomizer Thread?

What is an atomizer and what kind of threads are there for it? Well, the most common thread that atomizers have is the 510 thread. This is where your MOD has a female connector, while the atomizer has the male connector. The atomizer has a part that sticks out that contains threading while the MOD has a part that indents that contains threading. You then take the atomizer and screw it into the MOD and that is it.

Cartomizer vs Clearomizer vs Dripping atomizer

There isn't only one style of an atomizer, in fact, there are multiple different styles and kinds. To be specific, there is a cartomizer, a clearomizer, and a dripping atomizer.

A cartomizer has poly-fill wrapped around the heating coil. The poly-fill soaks up the juice from inside the tank and then heats up when the coil lights and produces the vapor. On the other hand, a clearomizer comes with a clear see-through glass tank that allows the user to see the level of juice inside. A clearomizer receives the liquid through a wick and delivers the e-juice to the heated coil and then produces the vapor. Finally, a dripping atomizer is an atomizer that is exposed. The cotton and the heating coil are insight on top of the device. So instead of filling a tank with juice, you would directly fill the cotton or other material inside.

Is an Atomizer a Coil?

Essentially, a coil is not an atomizer and an atomizer is not a coil. As a matter of fact, the coil is just one part of an atomizer. The atomizer is the whole device, that contains a body, the wick material or material used to absorb the e-juice, and finally the coil. The coil is the piece of the atomizer that heats up using the energy from the batteries inside your MOD. It heats up around the cotton that has soaked up the liquid and converts it from a liquid to a mist. The coil is basically the piece that completes the atomizer.

How to Know Which Atomizer is Right For You

What is an atomizer and what are possibilities? When it comes to atomizers, the possibilities are endless. It all boils down to personal preference. When it comes to atomizers, they all have different abilities and styles to choose from! Some atomizers shine more than others when it comes to flavor, and some atomizers shine more when it comes to vapor production. You may want something simple, but provides the nicotine craving or something that you can customize and have enough power and ability to produce a lot of vapor and flavor. And if you like to be hands-on and get really into the vaping lifestyle you can even grab yourself a dripper atomizer! It all depends on you!

If you want to experience an easy atomizer that has a great amount of vapor production and an easy-fill top with multiple color configurations and styles we suggest the SMOK TFV12 PRINCE atomizer. But, if you'd like something more pocket-friendly, the KangerTech Aerotank MOW will do the trick. It has a great price, great flavor, and overall great quality!

To sum up, an atomizer is the part that matters most. Without it, you will not produce any vapor. Might as well not buy a MOD until you get yourself one! With multiple options to choose from, with multiple colors and styles we at ProVapor hoped we answered your question.


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