What is Freebasing in Vaping: Should we Even be Using this Word?

Learn everything you need to know about freebasing and what it has to do with vaping in this article. We cover what freebasing is and why it shouldn't be associated with the vaping community.

Freebasing is a term most commonly used to describe the change of cocaine from a crystal to a liquid. This liquid form allows the cocaine to be smoked, which gives you a stronger and faster high. In scientific terms freebase just means turning a drug to its non-salt form. The terms bad reputation is only hurting the vaping community. So, what is freebasing in vaping? Here we will take a look into what freebasing is and what it has to de with vaping.

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What is Freebasing?

According to American Addiction Centers freebase cocaine is the process of freeing the cocaine base using treatments of ammonia and non-polar solvents. This treatments leads to a formation of two layers, of which the top layer consist of the dissolved cocaine. This dissolved cocaine is later then evaporated thus finalizing the treatment and ending with the cocaine product. The cocaine product is much more pure than the original, because of the removal of most of its impurities. This cocaine is later then boiled and the fumes released are smoked in order to achieve the high.

What is Freebasing in Vaping?

The term freebasing in vaping is currently being used to describe non-salt nic liquids. Nicotine salt is pretty new to the market and its basically just a way to get a higher and more pure nicotine hit without having to be vaping constantly. Since now there is both salt and non-salt and a difference in purity between them, companies have decided to name the non-salt nic liquids freebase. They named it freebase because scientifically it mostly means turning something to its non-salt form. This makes sense when looking at it in the vaping standpoint.

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Why the Vaping Community Shouldn’t be using the term Freebasing?

Freebasing vape is growing in popularity, this is causing the community to gain a decent amount of whiplash. This whiplash is due to the fact that most people when hearing the word “freebasing” quickly associate it with cocaine. Cocaine is already known to be a dangerous drug that’s ruined the lives of many. This term is bringing some of that bad publicity into the vaping community. This community already has a lot on its plate because of the tobacco industry and the all the laws trying to limit vaping.

We as the vaping community have to find a different term to use, freebasing brings more problems than what its worth. We can just keep it simple like calling it non-salt and salt or try call it something cool. Ether way it has to be named something else before people start associating the community with cocaine or other bad connotations.


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