What is Freebasing?

Learn everything you need to learn about Freebasing and why its shouldnt be used by the vaping community. We cover what freebasing is and how dangerous it is.

What is Freebasing? Freebasing is a term often used to describe changing cocaine from its crystal form to a liquid form allowing it to be smoked. Basically, it refers to changing a drug to its non-salt form. Freebase cocaine has a higher lipid solubility than regular cocaine meaning the body absorbs it more rapidly. This faster absorption leads to a stronger and faster high. Because of this, there are several dangers that come with freebasing. We are here to dive into all aspects of freebasing and why the vaping community has picked up this term.

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How Does Freebasing Work/ What is Freebasing?

According to Addiction Resource Freebasing extracts the cocaine from its crystal form by using ammonia then, treated with a non-polar solvent such as benzene or diethyl ether. This treatment results in the formation of two layers, of which the upper layer consists of the dissolved cocaine. Lastly, the solvent is evaporated to extract the cocaine. This whole process also cleans the cocaine removing most of the impurities, making it much purer. With the final product, the user is then able to smoke it by boiling and then inhaling the cocaine.

Freebasing VS Crack

Freebase cocaine is very different from crack cocaine and powdered cocaine. Freebase cocaine is the purest and cleanest form of cocaine because of the way its made. Because of its purity, it has a much lower melting point, thus enabling it to be smoked. Powdered cocaine can come in two different ways, as a powder or as a crystalline. As a powder, it is generally "snorted" by sniffing it up the nose. While crystalline cocaine can be added to a drink causing it to dissolve, allowing the cocaine to be drank or used intravenously.


Crack cocaine is another form of cocaine and its the most lethal because of how its extracted. Heat and baking soda are used to remove the waxy rock-like substance, which is often referred to as a "rock of crack." This rock is broken down and sold in vials. Crack cocaine is the easiest form of cocaine to smoke.

Dangers of Freebasing

Since freebase cocaine is consumed by smoking, its effects are felt almost immediately. The high is fast and strong but doesn't last long, usually leaving the user with extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, and maybe even paranoia. According to Rehabs.com, because of its immediate high freebase cocaine can lead to a faster development of compulsive cocaine use. Overall, cocaine use is extremely dangerous which, can lead to addiction and permanent health issues.

Side Effects of Cocaine

Other side effects of cocaine include:

  • Nausea and headaches
  • Sweating and increase heart rate
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Involuntary movements or tremors
  • Agitation or restlessness
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack/failure
  • Asthma/fluid in the lungs

Why Do People Use This Term In Vaping

Vapers are using freebasing to describe non-salt nic e-juices. Using the word freebasing to describe the eliquids is only bringing in a bad reputation to the vaping community. Since the word is mostly used is to describe a method of purifying cocaine, using it for vaping sends the wrong message. The vaping community has it hard enough as it is without adding such a negative word like freebasing into its vocabulary. Altogether it's understandable to us the word freebase since its just a scientific process used to purify solutions but freebase is more commonly used to describe the purifying of cocaine. We hope you have enjoyed reading the article " What is Freebasing " feel free to reach out if you have any questions on this or any other vaping related topic.


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