What is Sub Ohm and What’s the Craze Surrounding It

In this article, Provapor explains what the term Sub Ohm means, as well as provide information on Sub Ohming devices. We dive deep into understanding the concept of Sub Ohm coils and how to maintain them, how to use them and how to better your vaping experience.
What is Sub Ohm and What's the Craze Surrounding It

What is Sub Ohm Vaping? A great question that we will be answering. When it comes to vaping there are multiple different terms and definitions. In order to get a better understanding of the vaping lifestyle, you need to grasp and learn all the terms and definitions, as well as get examples and information on vaping in order to have the best vaping experience. We here at ProVapor will inform, teach and educate you in order to make sure your vaping experience is the best it can be.

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What is Sub Ohm and how is it used in vaping?

So, what is Sub Ohm? Well first let’s define what an Ohm really is. An Ohm is a unit of measure or resistance. By definition, Sub Ohm, or sub Ohm vaping, is a coil that can produce large amounts of cloud vapor. Sub Ohm’ing is a device that utilizes low resistance types of coils that are less that one Ohm. To be specific, it’s a device that has a coil that runs less that one Ohm or specifically 0.5 Ohms or lower in order to produce that maximum amount of cloud vapor possible. The Sub Ohm is the unit of measure whose location is on the coil of the MOD or vaping device.

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Location of coil on atomizer that contains the Sub Ohm

Overview of sections on a MOD

  • The Atomizer location is on top of the device. It is a large glass container, that will hold any e-liquid of your choice. That is where the Sub Ohm coil absorbs your juice and converts it into vapor.
  • The body of the device. This is the actual computer and MOD itself. There are multiple different types of MOD’s out there, so some are larger than others. This is section of your vaping device that turns on, turns off, fires the atomizer and the Sub Ohm coil located within the atomizer, and overall controls your experience.
  • Firing button. This varies on each device. This is the large or medium button that you press in order to fire the device.
  • Charging port. This is the area of your device that will charge your MOD. These are near the bottom of the MOD, or even sometimes underneath the MOD.

Different types of Sub-Ohms: VV/WW

What is Sub Ohm Vaping and how many types are there? When it comes to different types of Sub Ohm’s, there are three. There are devices are the RDA or (rebuildable dripping atomizers), RTA ( rebuildable tank atomizers), and Sub Ohm tanks. RDA is a dripping atomizer, is a device that sports a Sub Ohm coil. On these devices the coil and cotton are exposed so that users could then drip there e-liquid of choice into it. RTA are atomizers that almost the enhanced form of RDA’s.

It is not necessary to drip these over and over again, and are essentially a clearomizer with a built-in Sub Ohm coil. Finally, Sub Ohm tanks. These are the same as RTA’s however, they have a removable coil system that allows the user to replace coils if and whenever they go bad. They produce great flavor as well as massive amounts of cloud vapor. We recommend the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank. This is a Sub Ohm atomizer that packs a lot of flavor and a lot of vapor.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping and Is Sub Ohm Vaping Dangerous?

What is Sub Ohm, and is it dangerous? The answer is yes and well, no. When taking safety measures into consideration, it can be very safe. On the coil it will inform you if the coil is indeed fact a Sub Ohm style coil. This information's location is on the side of the coil. Before you install your coil, read along the side of it. It should inform you of the wattage recommendation, as well as the level of Ohm’s the coil has. If you follow the recommended wattage, as well as consider how many Ohms your coil has you will be fine. If you do not take safety precautions, the coil could actually overheat your device, causing harm to your MOD, or in some cases you in a fiery explosion.

We recommend you pay attention to what the coil is telling you, and you should be just fine. Make sure you monitor your coils as well, as you do not want it to overheat or go bad. This could cause an array of problems for you.

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Sub-Ohm Batteries

In order to answer the question, “What is Sub Ohm” you first need to understand what batteries allow this style of vaping. IMR or lithium batteries are recommended when using Sub Ohm devices. Compared to Li-Ion batteries, IMR and Lithium hybrid batteries, in case they fail, allow a more slow vent of gasses which in term can prevent the risk of explosion or fires. When purchasing batteries for your MOD, in your MOD includes a Sub Ohm tank, make sure you check your amps.

You should NEVER go over your amp’s on your batteries. In order to calculate how many amps should be used, you can take the number of volts on your battery and divide it by the coils Sub Ohm number. For example, if you take your battery's voltage which is 4.2v, and divide it by 1Ohms you will get 4.2Amps. If your battery says it allows a 4.6 or 8.4A you are in the green. NEVER EVER go over your amps on your batteries.

Mechanical Parts of Sub Ohm Vaping

If you want to have the best vaping experience, it is highly recommended to keep your MOD as clean as possible. Some MODS have a built-in locking system that allows your device to protect its self from self firing in case you place it in your pocket and it presses up against your wallet or anything else. Make sure the MOD you decide to purchase has large enough and adjustable are flow vents. These vents will allow any excess heat to escape.

Clean your atomizer, make sure your MODS buttons are clicking properly and if not have it replaced or fixed right away. You do not want an automatic fire and not know it. Sometimes firing buttons get jammed and you cannot unjam them, causing it to fire constantly. NEVER go over the recommended amount of wattage on your device. Some Sub Ohm coils will inform you that the range of wattage can be from 50W to 80W max. Some MODS allow you to hit 250W. We do not want to blow the Sub Ohm or overheat the cotton.

Is Sub-Ohm Vaping For You?

If you have no problem managing your device, inspecting and calculating some simple math, a Sub Ohm atomizer is a great way to vape. Devices that have these atomizers with the Sub Ohm coil installed will provide you with incredible flavor, as well as maximum cloud production. Once you find the right batteries and check the amps and voltage, you will be accustomed to it and it will become second nature. Overall Sub Ohm vaping is a great way to experience it all and will provide you with endless amusement and satisfaction. We here at ProVapor hope we answered all your questions and vaping needs.


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