Where to Buy 18650 Batteries

The 18650 batteries are available for purchase in most online retail stores associating with vape devices such as our ProVapor online store. 18650 batteries are also sold from places like AutoZone, BestBuy, or even certain Walmarts and are safe places where to buy 18650 batteries.
Where to Buy 18650 Batteries

Now this question always comes up, Where to buy 18650 batteries?. The 18650 batteries are pretty much available anywhere technology is sold. It all depends on which battery cell you are purchasing, some have longer life spans than others. This article will go over the different types of 18650 batteries and where to buy 18650 batteries locally.

The 18650 batteries are available for purchase in most online retail stores associating with vape devices such as our ProVapor online store. We provide Liitokala 18650 batteries (unfortunately due to vaping restrictions we do not carry this product), which are very powerful and perfect for all vaping needs. For even more in-depth information check out this quick write-up on LittoKala 18650 batteries. The 18650 batteries are also available in places like AutoZone, BestBuy, and Walmarts that are safe places to buy 18650 batteries. Top companies such as Sony, LG, and Samsung participate in the production of 18650 cells. As far as where to buy 18650 batteries locally like we stated before you can always head to AutoZone or best buy to find the best deals. Now that you know where to buy 18650 batteries let's learn a bit about them.

What are 18650 Batteries?

A 18650 battery is a cell that refers exclusively to the size of the lithium-ion battery cell. This battery cell has become the most commonly used battery when it comes to replaceable and rechargeable batteries. These batteries carry a voltage of 3.7V and mili-amp-hours between 1800 mAh to 3500 mAh. The average 18650 battery charge time takes up to four hours; the charge time can also vary with the voltage and amp of the charger and the battery type. These batteries are often used in vape devices because they are powerful enough to operate sub-ohm vaporizers, giving that they include the standard 2500mAh capacity. Remember, these batteries are rechargeable so you will need a good charger. We recommend using a NiteCore D4 charger; this charger can almost charge anything that is batteries.

When choosing the right 18650 batteries, you need to be very careful. Being cautious can prevent you from buying batteries that will overheat and possibly damage your device. One trait to keep in mind when purchasing these batteries is the continuous discharging capacity (CDR). CDR is the rate of current measuring in amps. When choosing a battery, be sure to check the CDR to match the power draw associated with your device. Checking the CDR to match battery draw will prevent your cells from overheating. Devices that draw less power can take advantages of higher-capacity battery batteries. Devices that require more energy tend to need lower-capacity batteries to draw safely.

Where to Buy 18650 Batteries? 5 Green Liitokala Batteries lined up together

Types of 18650 Batteries

There are two types of 18650 batteries, the protected and the unprotected. The 18650 protected batteries hold an electronic circuit. The electronic circuit is embedded in the battery casing that prevents the cell from overcharge, over-discharging, or heating. 18650 protected batteries are much safer than using 18650 unprotected batteries. Unprotected 18650 batteries are the cheaper and easily disposable option, at a battery recycling center. Protected cells usually have a button top, and unprotected batteries typically have a flat top.

The 18650 can store about 10 to 13-watt hours. When it comes to recharging the batteries, the cycle varies and are limited. Reusing the battery leads to degradation due to oxidation and electrochemical degradation. This is common in all rechargeable batteries; they as a result have a limited amount of recharges available. We recommend the 18650 batteries because they can be recharged over 1000 times.

ProVapor appreciates you for taking the time to read this article informing you what are and where to buy 18650 batteries and where to purchase them. We look forward to providing more information concerning vaping products. For your time being, we would like to share a few devices that are compatible with 18650 batteries. Three high-end devices that hold 18650 batteries are:

  • SMOK Alien
  • Wismec Realeux RX GEN3
  • Eleaf iStick Pico 75W

If you’re looking for devices and not sure which one to choose, be sure to check out our other articles based on product reviews.


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