Why Do People Vape? Top 5 Reasons

In this article, Provapor will dive deep into the main reasons why individuals start to vape and or make the switch from smoking to vaping. We provide you with facts, shocking truths and education in order to learn and understand why vaping is the better choice.
Why Do People Vape? Top 5 Reasons

Vape or the term “vaping” describes “the action or practice or inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette.” The real question is, why do people vape? Not only has it become a movement in society, but an actual lifestyle as well. Compared to cigarettes, vaping has proven to be 95% safer, as well as a money-saving choice. For those who are interested, and or curious, we at ProVapor will give you the top 5 reasons why individuals should vape.

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Why do people vape and Is Vaping Right For Me?

Majority of interested individuals ask, “why do people vape?”. Well, the answer is simple. Vaping can be a real money saver, a real life changer, and a real deal for some individuals. Cigarettes cost much money over time, so vaping will save your pocket. It provides individuals a way to protect their health, as well as satisfy cravings individuals might have towards nicotine! Vaping has provided a safer way, money-wise, and health wise!

If you are someone who has never touched a cigarette yet still want to vape, we highly recommend you don’t. Though vaping is much safer than cigarettes, it even can contain nicotine, which is one of the most highly addictive chemicals to the human body. Though you may feel you are in control, everyone’s body differs from one another. Some people can control their urges drastically, and others do not. So if you haven’t smoked any cigarette, don’t move to vape.

Reason 1: Wanting To Quit Cigarettes

According to Very Well Mind, cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, and 250 of them are known to be harmful. Would it scare you if we told you that 50 of those chemicals cause cancer and that 11 of them are under the classification of Group I carcinogens? Not to mention that smoking also increases the risk of coronary heart disease up to 300%! Smoking cigarettes leads to cut 10 to 16 years of your life and will kill over 5million people this year. The fact that science has proven that cigarettes physically and mentally harm individuals is an unfortunate discovery; however, vaping suggest a better outcome.

Is Vaping Safer Than Cigarettes?

Vaping, on the other hand, does not contain any of those chemicals and toxins that cause cancer. About 90% of the e-liquid in a vape contains propylene glycol (PG) vegetable glycerin (VG). These are both a colorless liquid that serves as the base for the fluid in your vape device! These two liquids do not produce any problems and side effects. The other percent is the color additive and flavoring spectrum of the juice. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking and poses no risk to individuals who may happen to inhale it by mistake. There is no “second-hand smoking” as well.

We understand that some individuals who smoke have acquired the need for nicotine. If you have experience smoking and would like to wean off the stuff, vaping will do the trick. These devices companies have produced are universal for almost all liquids out on the market. Each fluid has a set nicotine level. They range from 2milligrams to 6 or higher. Vaping allows the user to adjust and manipulate the levels of nicotine, which could make way for those who want to lessen the need for the buzz slowly! If you’re going to drop to a level 3, no problem. Cigarettes come standard with 9milligrams of nicotine, and that is it. You cannot lower the nicotine.

Reason 2: You Need Variety In Your Life

“Why do people vape?” is an important question to ask! When it comes to vape, there are endless possibilities. Vaping gives the individuals the ability of choice, such as choosing what flavor you want in your device. There are specified styles of flavored liquids. Some individuals like a more dessert style flavor when inhaling, while others want to enjoy a more candy-like or fruity flavoring! If you’re going to get fancy, you can even combine flavors that may work, sparking your creative side. All of these different options and ways of vaping enhance your overall experience.

Here are some e-liquids we recommend:

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Different MODS and Devices

Ultimately another answer to the question "why do people vape?" is MODS. MODS are the actual vape itself. When it comes to picking your MOD, you can never run out of ideas and possibilities. There are so many MODS to chose from. Some MODS have a higher wattage, producing more power, converting the liquid into more vapor. Other mods are simple, and sleek, designed to work and get the job done. You can also mix and match your MODS as well. MODS contain a piece called the "atomizer." The atomizer is a piece of the MOD that holds your liquid of choice, allowing it to heat up once the coils are active. Some will produce massive amounts of clouds, while others will give you a better flavor!

You also have small MODS and extensive MODS. These mods have intricate features such as puff counters, touch screens, and much more!

Here are some MODS we recommend for beginners:

Reason 3: Relaxing Situation

Another answer to the question "why do people vape?" is that it allows you to relax. There are no side effects of coughing, or having to worry about throat irritation and or other complicated issues that cigarettes present. It sounds simple, but it gives the individual something to do. Some people may need relief or something to keep their anxiety in check, so vaping is a way to control and allow comfort. We discussed flavors before this section because liquids have much influence on relaxation and control. Some characteristics promote a sense of relaxation. For example, mint would be a great way to relax and relieve some negativity or pressure!

Reason 4: Join The Vaping Community

The vape community is an astounding place to be in. There are plenty of different individuals who share different experiences. Everyone involved has a mindset all alike, that vaping is a lifestyle. People vape to join communities alike. In these communities, individuals can share different MODS, different juices, and all their experiences with them. You can share photos showing off your MOD or different MODS as well as reviews and fun images! It is a great way to learn, to adapt, and to educate your self as well as make plenty of friends!

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Reason 5: Money It Cost Way Less Than Cigs

On average individuals will spend around $207 a week, which in total would add up to about $10,800 according to Smokefree.org. Sure the initial purchase of a vape MOD may be high in the beginning, but in the long run, you will save hundreds of dollars. With the money you have saved on smoking cigarettes you could go on vacations, go on holidays, pay debts and even purchase a car. If you spend $207 a week, in two weeks, you could save that money and eat out every week comfortably. Smoking is costly. Vaping is an investment. One time purchase, and one liquid

Final Words

So now you have the answer to the question "why do people vape?". Individuals vape for a multitude of reasons. For better health, for the ability to control addiction, to save much money, to experience a new culture and movement, and to ultimately experience a better lifestyle when compared to smoking. The ProVapor team is happy and glad to have helped you learn more about vaping. We hope we inspired you and even those who are trying to quit, making the switch today.


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